Websites That Google Loves (and ones they don’t)


Google loves websites that look like an authority on a certain subject. Search engines strive to give their customers (the searcher) an exact match of the best and most relevant information. If a website has too many keywords that are unrelated, Google won't put that website anywhere near the top of the results.

What most website owners fail to understand is that the more narrow and selective the keywords are in a specific niche, the better. Often, website owners try and stuff as many various keyword phrases in their site as possible thinking that more is better – that they will attract a larger number of results and hits. But the opposite is really what happens.

Too many keywords that are unrelated to each other makes you look like a ‘jack-of-all-trades' to a search engine. They know that the site may not be an authority on anything at all, and may be just a bunch of half-hearted information on smaller topics. That's not the kind of website that Google wants to deliver to their customer. And they'll avoid a website like that every time.

If you are an expert on various, unrelated topics, you may consider having two or more websites that focus on specific keyword phrases and not try and cram all the topics onto one site. As obvious as this sounds, this is one of the most common problems keeping a website from coming up high in search results. Look at some websites next time you're surfing around and see if you can notice multiple topics. It could be a hard assignment because they rarely come up for anyone to find.

How can you make a website for yourself that Google loves?

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