Yes, Consumers Still Open Emails


If done correctly email marketing can be extremely effective in attracting new business, getting leads, and building brand awareness. It is important that your content is original, and shows your personality. Marketers love emails because the recipient has to opt-in which means they are interested and want to hear more about your products or services.

Your email marketing campaign should:

  • Use an attention grabbing headline
  • Ask your audience questions
  • Include relevant content
  • Promote a free product or service
  • Answer frequently asked questions

Make sure you engage your prospects by creating an email that is visually stimulating because 80.8% of users access their email on a mobile device. The last thing you want to do is bore your audeince to death with a page full of small hard to read text.  A short video is a great option for emails because we are so used to seeing text in our inbox, this small change will stick out in a consumers mind. When you decide that email marketing is right for your business please remember, you should always have a way to analyze and measure the effectiveness of your campaign efforts.

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