YouTube Adds More to Its Search Results with Ratings Results

Looks like YouTube is at it again, always changing their features. Looks like they are now displaying the percentage of ‘Likes' a video has. They are using a color system of Red, Yellow, and Green to indicate whether the ‘Likes' fall into mostly positive, mix of positive and negative, and mostly negative. It seems like a lot of accounts don't have this feature yet; but lucky me, I do. What's nice about this is the fact that I can now look at the results and skip all of those stupid rick-rolls or still image videos that most people hate clicking on. You can even search by rating now instead of just relevance or date.Screen shot below if anybody's interested. Also, if anybody's looking for a new niche, feel free to tackle the one I was looking up to get these results. It's open to everybody. 

The interesting thing to me is that some videos in the results don't have any ratings percentage listed. When I looked at those videos I noticed they had likes/dislikes but there weren't that many. It seems IMO that your video needs to have at least a total of 50 votes – regardless of if they're positive or negative – in order to have the percent shown. I've already started searching by rating and I don't even go near the videos that don't have any percent rating. Looks like YouTube Marketers just got a new feature to figure out.

Good luck everybody!

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