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What is a Joint Venture?

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Joint Venture Partner:

Another business owner that you start a business relationship with. This person helps promote your products and services through email marketing, and/or website advertising and seminars in return for money or similar and equitable promotion to your database.

A Joint Venture can include any product, consulting, training or seminar that is complimentary to the database list of another business person. When that business person promotes your business, service or product, they will receive paid commissions on any sales you make through their promotions. The sales are tracked and recorded through affiliate tracking software as provided by or some others.

An example of a joint venture might be as follows: Mr. Smith has a product that he wishes to sell, but has no idea how to go about doing this online, as he has no potential client base. However, another Internet marketer, Mr. Jones, already has an existing client base with an interest in the type of product Mr. Smith is selling. By forming a joint venture with Mr. Jones, Mr. Smith can enjoy a number of benefits, including driving traffic to his own website, and generating product sales and orders. Mr. Jones would also benefit, as by endorsing Mr. Smith’s product he would earn a commission on each sale, thus increasing his own income.

A joint venture can be used not only as a tool for increasing sales but also a valuable tool simply to increase traffic to your own website. Developing a sizeable client base isn’t always easy, but joint ventures have provided valuable opportunities to make this far simpler. With the right joint venture partners you could see a huge increase in sales and/or traffic depending on your aims. Your joint venture could be with one partner or a number of partners – no matter how many parties are involved in the joint venture, the combination of tools and resources means that everyone involved can enjoy the benefits.

Learn to make more money with joint ventures.


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Home based businesses are spreading like wildfire. Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

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pamphlets for marketing


People are making a fortune on pamphlets. If you go into an airport, there are pamphlets available that cost about $6.95.

They contain about twenty pages of all white space with one quote that says, “Be Productive.” It makes you wonder how long it took them to come up with that one! They couldn’t possibly have cost more than fifty cents to produce, and probably a lot less.

One particular lady is selling a pamphlet on how to do a really cool business card. It consists of 100 tips and she is selling these little folded pieces of paper for five bucks a pop. They are little pamphlets that are stapled together. These are great because the production cost is so cheap you can sell them in bulk by the thousands to companies to give away as premiums.

They give them away to their clients as a goodwill item. In addition, if you are selling them at seminars or trade shows, they are so cheap it is an impulse buy rather than a decision buy. Therefore, if it is five bucks and it has good information, somebody can afford it and will take it immediately. (Watch out that these little sales don’t hurt you from selling your big packages of products. You’d be better off throwing them in as bonuses if you sell more expensive packages.)

A friend of this school’s founder, Bob Bloch, has a book. It is more than a pamphlet, but it is not a killer, full-blown, big textbook. He has sold thousands in one shot. He sold the rights to someone and didn’t even have to print or ship them. They handled everything. He just created something and sold the rights. They printed up 100,000 or 200,000 of them and gave him a big chunk of money. He didn’t have to lift a finger after creating it the first time. So, you can make a lot of money with these things in many different ways.

Successful Internet Marketing strategies come in many forms…


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Membership Sites Are Still Hot!

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When does 20 = 24,000?

If you had only 100 members paying you $20.00 a month, you would earn $24,000.00 in a “year”. 100 members by Internet standards is pretty pitiful performance. 1000 members would mean $240,000.00 a “year”.

On a bad “month” my membership site brings in at least $15,000.00 and a good “month” would be over $100,000.00. Can you see the potential here? If you want to create a site that will give you a monthly income from membership fees, you can purchase a turnkey solution that you can customize yourself.

People are making small fortunes with a small amount of weekly work with these sites.

A great program to use for creating membership sites is Membergate. You can check out an example of a site that uses Membergate at  You won’t be able to log in completely unless you are registered, but you will see the basic interface.

A relatively new and much less expensive membership software that is receiving a lot of attention is Wishlist Member. It is a plugin for a WordPress blog that turns the blog into a membership site.

There are many types of membership sites for every kind of business or topic. There are membership sites just for retailers, dentists, realtors, doctors and thousands more. Membership sites can contain specialized training that is found nowhere else, or it can be found in other places, but the value of the membership site is that it’s all in one place so people don’t have to spend time looking for the information.


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I fell victim of all the scams when I first started. I don’t want you to have to suffer like I did. I’ve got a verifiable list of people I’ve helped in the thousands and I currently make verifiable millions on the Internet.

Internet Marketing Training Center

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Career Options

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There are thousands of career options available to you. The Internet is providing fun and exciting careers that you can learn from home! Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

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Affiliate Tools and Tips

To effectively market your affiliate product, use the affiliate link in a number of creative ways to get the most action:

Email: include the link in email promotions targeted to your prospects, customers or database. After specific promotions are over, include the link in your email signature.

Newsletters: send newsletters to your database or someone else’s with a story about how the product helped you and others, why it is valuable, etc… and include the affiliate link at the end of the story.

Blogging: you can write blog posts about the value of the product, what a great gift idea it is, how it helped you in any way, and include the affiliate link at the bottom of the post. Some blogs will accept guest posts that you can write and submit to. Include the link in these as well.

Website: create specific ad space areas on your website where you can promote the product and the affiliate link. It can be in the sidebar area on your WordPress site, or in a resources area of your main website.

Ebooks: create inexpensive ebooks and give them away in exchange for email addresses (opt-ins). The book will be informative to the readers, but can include the clickable affiliate link
inside of the ebook.

Social media: a great place to advertise an affiliate link is to share it with others on social sites. Make Youtube videos with the link in the description, post a story about the product on your Facebook account with the link included and tweet the link with bits of advice to your Twitter followers. Encourage your friends to ‘share’ the link, especially if there is a second-tier
commission. They could earn extra money sharing your link.

Ads: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook all have pay-per-click ad programs where you can advertise affiliate products. This can be a huge potential money-maker if the ad is targeted
to the right people. Buying banner ads on other websites can be a high-profit, low-cost alternative to pay-per-click.

Don’t forget traditional, offline forms of spreading the word: handing out business cards, meet-ups, seminars, brochures and even home parties, depending on what kind of affiliate product it is.

IMTCVA will teach you the finer points of making passive income.


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Our Students Are Living The Dream

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Ilya Pozin (as featured in “H” Magazine) started working for IMTC founder Tom Antion while he was in high school. Using the same Internet marketing techniques he learned while working for Tom his company “Ciplex” just cracked the Inc. Magazine top 500 list for fastest growing companies.


Denise took her company to new levels by getting our advanced training!


Joan loves to stay at home and earns a substantial income without ever leaving the house.

Could this be the path you were meant to take? It’s easy to get started!



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How To Make Money With An E-Course

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E-courses can make great training products. No matter what your area of expertise, you will have prospects, clients and customers that need to learn about the knowledge you have.

In every industry, there is specialized training that people will pay for. You can charge for that training up front or give it away to promote your other services. Either way, promoting your ecourse can quickly build a database list of prospects. After they have either signed up for free lessons or purchased the course from you, you can continue to market to them year after year.

You will want to promote your ecourse every way you can. Here are some examples:

– Advertising it to your current database list

– Joint venturing with another business person to promote the ecourse to their list (for a commission)

– Mention it on your blog posts

– Submit guest posts to other people’s blog and mention it there

– Social networking

* Facebook – post links to the ecourse on your wall or the walls of others, mention it in comments, start a dedicated page or group about it, purchase sponsored advertising.

* Twitter – send out regular tweets with links to the ecourse, post tweets with links to videos about your ecourse, get others to reply or tweet about your ecourse for you, tweet tips and techniques about what is in the ecourse as teasers.

* Youtube – make plenty of videos about what’s in the ecourse, how it can help the client make money or improve their life and even show clips of what is in the ecourse using screen capture software.

– Include the link to the ecourse in handouts, business cards and brochures.

– Mention it at promotions and events.

– Link to it from all of your other websites.

– Purchase ads in trade magazines and periodicals.

– Use pay-per-click advertising with major search engines

Ecourses are very powerful training products that people will pay good money for. They should be treated just like any product in the way that you advertise and promote.

We teach the mechanics of building, promoting and profiting from e-courses and other products. Are you ready to learn more?



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Online Career Training

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The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is an Internet marketing school designed to teach you everything you would need to know about selling your products online. No only can you sell your products and services, you can also get hired by companies looking for the same thing. Check out  for more information



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