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ePublishing – creating and publishing your books online – is a great way to get massive exposure, build credibility, and make money online. But, just because the option is available doesn't mean you can go about it any which way you desire. I take that back, you can go about it any which way you desire but you might not gain any of the benefits mentioned before unless you follow some steps. In this post, we will cover tips on selling your Kindle book on Amazon.

1. Keyword rich title – You may have the greatest title in the world, but if it doesn't contain any keywords you are already hurting yourself and book sales. You may need to change your title. Also, a lot of people keep their original title (regardless of whether or not it contains keywords) and then include a subtitle that is keyword rich. This way, people know exactly what they are going to get. This technique works for fiction and non-fiction books.

2. Author Profile – Your author profile is a page for you to add information on yourself as an author. The author profile is different from an Amazon profile; it contains places to add your blog, insert videos, connect to Twitter, and promote all of your books in one nice, neat area.

3. Tags – On every one of your books, you have an option of providing tags that are relevant to the content in your book. Make sure you enter in as many tags as you can (there's a limit). Also, be sure one of your tags is your author name, this will help show your other works as related books. *Other people and reviewers can add extra tags to your books. Ask your readers to help you out.

4. External websites – Use the power of your own website or blog to promote your book, make videos about your book and post them on every video sharing site you can find, make status updates in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and any other social networking site, and find forums and other blogs related to your content – post and respond to them.

Doing just these 4 steps will get you going in the right direction, there's many more as well. Get the skills you need to sell and promote your Kindle book on Amazon here.

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