CD and Product Creation Myths De-Bunked



Myth 1: You have to go to a studio and pay big hourly fees to create a decent CD

Tom's Response: I have only done one CD project in a studio. It worked out just fine and wasn't really that expensive in the long run. I think it cost about $40.00 per hour for a digital studio in someone's basement. If you practice before you get there you can save lots of time and money.

The rest of my CDs have been recorded in my office using my own equipment, or by the company providing the phone service when I was doing a telephone seminar. When necessary, I edited the recordings right on my personal computer with inexpensive software.

Myth 2: You must have music on the tape and make it sound like Nightingale Conant to be successful with CDs.

Tom's Response: For years my audio tapes and CDs did not have music on them. They were completely informational and sold around the world with virtually zero returns. Now, it's so easy to put music on I go ahead and do it just to increase the production value.

Myth 3: You need four-color packaging and lots of expensive graphics so the product looks professional.

Tom's Response: I make my packaging look as good as I can, but I never spend big money on graphics. About the most I've ever spent is $85.00 for an artist to draw a color picture for me which I scanned and used both on the web as an advertisement for the product and on the cover of the product.

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