Distance Learning: What Does It Take to Succeed in Distance Education?


You gave it a lot of thought and did a lot of research, but you finally took the plunge and signed up for a distance education course. This is a very exciting time for you because you have high expectations that your studies will lead to a lucrative new career. Now it is time to focus on what it will take for you to succeed and how to approach distance education.

Below are some pointers to help you adapt to online learning and reach your goals:

  • Commit to learning the lessons.
    Make every effort to understand the material covered in each lesson as it is presented. Definitely avoid waiting until the last minute to look at the lesson because you will have to rush through the material, which will make it difficult to absorb and learn.
  • Manage your time.
    We all have family and other obligations to balance with our day-to day activities. Make sure you set specific times to devote to your studies with as few interruptions as possible. When you are a new student, you may find that, at first, family members don’t take your desire to learn as seriously as you do. Be persistent and protect your study time. You may be pleasantly surprised when your family eventually takes on more responsibilities to free you of your tasks so you can concentrate on the courses.
  • Start with a clean slate and a clear mind.
    A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind.  Set up a learning environment for yourself wherever you can find the peace and quiet to concentrate. It may be at a kitchen table, it may be at your office, it may even be in the neighborhood coffee shop or local library.
  • Arrange the supplies and equipment you need before you begin.
    Work in a well-lit space and place everything you will need nearby. This may be your laptop, a recorder, pencil and paper or a printer, as well as a comfortable chair and surface to work on. Some students like to play music as they study so you may want to load your favorite tunes on a CD or MP3 player before you begin to study. The objective is to set the stage for learning.

You have already invested your hopes and money in preparing for a new career. Invest your time and efforts, as well, to ensure you reach your objectives for a better future.

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