Engaging SMS Marketing for your Business


Mobile interaction may be the answer to increasing brand recognition, customer loyalty, and profits for your business. There are over 5 billion active mobile devices worldwide and that number will continue to grow. Consumers always have their mobile phone within arms reach. Most text messages are read within three minutes.

This is a great opportunity for business owners and marketers because mobile marketing gives you the ability to connect directly with the consumer. The world has gone mobile, there are more mobile phones than computers. Why wait to implement a mobile strategy into your marketing plan?

Mobile communication is very personal, the consumer has to give you permission to send them advertising messages. Depending on your business you can use different incentives like coupons, contests, freebies, and or promoting through other mediums to build a mobile list of consumers interested in your products or services. As a business owner or marketer once you get permission you have to know the correct steps to follow to capitalize and influence the consumer to take action. There are important strategies that need to be implemented to build a great mobile marketing relationship with consumers.

Engage the consumer

As a business owner or marketer it is only natural to think “how am I going to get more sells?” Although, sells should remain a goal, your focus should lean toward building a relationship and helping the consumer with whatever problem your product or service solves. Engaging the consumer with relevant messages will get the consumer to take action. Jumping right into an aggressive sales pitch will be a guaranteed way to lose consumer interest. You should ask the consumer for their opinion, have a contest, showcase new product releases, special event details, and upcoming sale details are all ways to actively engage your mobile list.

Have a clear call to action

This is where mobile marketing can get a little challenging. Each advertising or marketing text has to clearly state what you want the consumer to do and whats in it for them, in a 140 characters or less. Make sure your message is clear and concise. Yes, the world is mobile which means we are always on the go and most consumers lose interest when they have to take too many steps or if the message is hard to understand.

Create a way to increase profit

Use the 80/20 rule, 80% engaging content and 20% sales. Know when it is best to contact your consumer based on your unique business. The mobile world has changed the consumers' attitude toward advertisements, to be effective you have to create urgency and you have to advertise at the right time to produce real time results.

If you are a lunch diner advertising a discounted new menu item, contacting your customer during dinner hours the day before with the promotion will be a difficult sale. As a marketer you have to research your target market and understand their habits. For a lunch diner, the working adult would most likely be the target market. You have to contact the consumer when you can make an impression and motivate action. To be effective, I would recommend contacting the consumer mid morning right when they are sitting at their desk, stomach growling, and thinking about lunch.

Build brand loyalty

Another great benefit for mobile marketing is that the consumer will remember your brand when they are ready to purchase. By sending friendly, useful, and relevant information and not just trying to force sales you build a relationship with the consumer. Consumers are always looking for reasons to stay loyal to brands and your marketing messages can set you apart from the competition when it is time to take action.

Mobile marketing is a great way to engage with your target market, make a positive impression with consumers, and establish a long lasting relationship. Although, mobile messages is just one aspect of mobile marketing, it can be used by business owners and marketers in almost any industry to increase profits.

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