3 Ways Google Trends Can Benefit your Small Business


Are you a business owner and ever want to know…

The popular search terms in your industry?

Current trends?

What your customers are talking about?

How your competition is doing?

Well, with Google Trends you can answer all of those questions plus more. Google Trends is a free tool that displays search query information, it analyzes Google web searches for a selected term. Instead of showing the number of people that have searched for a particular term, Google Trends will display a graph that shows how popular a search term has been over a time period.

Google has the largest catalog of keywords so using this tool for a small business is important and can be very useful.

Here are 3 ways that business owners can use Google Trends:

1. Effective keyword research, Google Trends allows you to see the most popular keywords and it also makes suggestions for related keywords. This information can be used to create SEO friendly content for your business.

2. Get inspiration for new content ideas for blogs, articles, or social media networks. You can search current terms and see what people are talking about in relation to your business and industry. You can also spot trends and see the locations in the world with the most interest. You can attract more traffic to your business website by staying up to date with any changes in your industry.

3. Spy on your competition by analyzing what keywords and terms they use that has been successful or ones that you should stay away from. As a business owner Google Trends should be used to support your marketing campaigns. Google Trends can help you reveal great options when trying to create unique and up to date content for your business.


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