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According to an article by Chris Kyle over at Yahoo! Education has listed six new hot careers.

#1 is Social Media Strategist
#2 is Homeland Security
#3 Forensic Accounting
#4 Online Video Game Designer
#5 Email Marketing Manager
#6 Home Health Aide

That means you can have TWO potential career paths that are on the hot list after graduating from IMTC.

This is because Internet Marketing is huge right now, and it will be from here on out.  As the marketplace starts to better define what it is looking for, graduates from IMTC will be poised to enter that marketplace and fill a major need.

The Internet has become our playground now.  We do a lot of business AND playing on the Internet.  We communicate and connect with a larger circle of friends than ever before, we spend more time playing (#4 online Video Game Designer?  Bejeweled?  Farmville?  Etc? ) on the Internet.  And there are so many more ways to connect to the Internet than before. Desktop computer, laptops, netbooks, tablets like the iPad, smartphones like the iPhone, even devices like Kindle are starting to connect to the Internet more so than before.

Businesses go where people are.  Make the most of these possibilities by getting involved now.

Do you want to know what sort of skills are necessary to penetrate the job market in Internet Marketing?  Come and check out the curriculum at the Internet Marketing Training Center so you can learn what it takes to be a Social Media Strategist or Email Marketing Manager today!

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