For the Newbies


Are you new to Internet Marketing?  Don’t worry, IMTC can help you too!  Even if you do not have any websites yet, we can offer training customized for you.

Let’s talk about domain names.  Should you have your own domain name?  If you have your own domain name, you can move and be hosted anywhere around the world and people will still be able to find you through all of your promotional efforts.

Having your own domain name gives you greater credibility.  Domains and hosting are so cheap, there is no excuse in not having your own.

Also, if you have a good domain name, you can sell it.  The domain name can be a valuable entity for you in the future.

Should you avoid dashes in your domain name?  Yes, search engines are smart and they do not need the words to be separated.  Dashes could hurt you, someone will forget to type it in and they will end up at one of your competitor’s sites.

See what you can learn at IMTC!  Tom Antion is a master at Internet marketing and he has a way of explaining it in a simple, easy to understand format. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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