How to Upload a Transcript to Youtube


There are two different types of file you can upload. The first one is a caption file. This file contains the text and the exact times in the video that the text was said. A caption file is usually made by special captioning companies or possibly the person who created the video. Most people will not have a caption file, which is fine, because the next option, Transcript File is perfect for that.

A transcript file is going to be a text file of what was said in your video. You can create one of these by either watching the video and writing down everything that was said, or if you have a script, you can use that. Once you upload your text file transcript, your video will now have some new features. Click the View on video page link next to the Captions and Subtitles tab.

When you view your video again, you should see a new Closed Caption button (CC) next to your annotations button. If you click the ‘CC’ button, subtitles of your text file will be visible. Another cool feature that your video now has is the ‘Interactive Transcript’ button.

If you click the ‘Interactive Transcript’ button, your transcript will show up. This transcript pops up right above the description box and will scroll through your text as your video plays. Pretty neat, huh? And it’s helpful for search results as well.

YouTube (and Google) is doing everything it can to make videos be searchable. Unfortunately, the technology is not quite there yet, but it will be. In the meantime, one of the best ways to make your video have extra search engine juice is to add a transcript. Transcripts are text, and search engines like text.

With an added transcript, you make it a lot easier for search engines to find you. If you click around YouTube and watch some of your competitor’s videos, you may see a lot of them are not using the transcript option. Either they don’t know about it, or are lazy and don’t want to bother. Whatever the reason, it’s good news to you. With a transcript, your videos may start to show up higher than theirs, and that’s always good.

How can you get higher search results with more video tips?


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