IMTC – Distance Education Night Classes


Hi. I'm Colin, an instructor at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. As many of you already know, fitting the time to learn a new trade into your busy schedule can be difficult. Many of us have full time jobs, children and other obligations, that make it hard to attend a traditional college. That's where distance education comes in. Learning online gives you the freedom to study when you want, where you want, even at night.

Distance education is perfect for those of us who have no time during the day to learn a new skill, but really desire to improve our lives with a new career. Don't let the ability to learn at night, on your own time, slip away. At IMTC we know how busy you are and that's why we have tailor-made classes for busy individuals just like you. Internet Marketing is a fast growing career that is changing everyday. Visit: IMTCVA.org to find out if a career on the Internet is right for you. I'll see you over there.

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