ISP, DNS and More…The Basics


Here is another one for all of you newbies.  Just some basic information to help you understand the Internet. 

What is an ISP?  They are companies that give you an email address and access to the Internet.

What is a Web Hosting Service?  This is a place that has one or many computers that store your website and make it available to the Internet.  Your website is housed on a web server, which is basically a specialized computer.

What is an IP Address?  Just as our homes have addresses to make it easy for our family and friends to find us, each machine on the Internet has a specific address.  This is an IP address.  It is represented by a series of numbers and dots.

For most of us, it is hard to remember a long series of numbers.  It is easier to remember domain names, such as Google.com .  Sometimes an IP address will change.  Domain names work even if the server's numeric IP address changes.  This is why we use domain names to represent the IP address of servers.

What is DNS?  This stands for Domain Name Server.  It is the central directory for the Internet.  It directs traffic to the appropriate servers for the different functions of a domain, such as mail.  DNS converts the domain name to the IP numbers so your computer can find the servers needed to display your website, blog or email.  DNS ensures that people can find your website, etc.

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