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YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

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YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

YouTube now provides you with a keyword suggestion tool all of their own. The Keyword Suggestion Tool searches only within YouTube so your results are different than Google’s.

Other than choosing a language and country that keywords are tailored to, YouTube’s keyword suggestion tool consists of three different ways to generate keywords: Descriptive words or phrases, YouTube video id or url, or by Demographics.

The first and default option, ‘Descriptive words or phrases’ lets you enter in a term and it will show related information.

Type in a keyword term or phrase and click the ‘Get keyword ideas’ button. Do not select ‘Don’t show ideas for new keywords’ unless you only want to see how many people are searching for only that one specific term.

Depending on what keyword term or phrase you used, your results may differ from the above example. Here you will see other related terms as well as the monthly search volume and an option to add that term to your Adwords account. There may be terms that have ‘Not Enough Data’ in the monthly search volume as well. This means that there may be searches for these terms but not enough to formulate a number.

That does not mean you should ignore these lower value keywords. This means, it may be easier for you to make videos tailored to these words. Looking at the results should provide you with ideas on tags you can use in your videos as well as ideas and topics for upcoming videos that you create. The more lower valued keywords you can place on the first page (or number 1) spot on YouTube’s search results pages, the more you look like an expert in that field. This builds a relationship with the viewer, thereby increasing the odds that they’ll subscribe to your channel or buy your product.

YouTube video id or url

You can search for keywords that are related to any video on YouTube. Just copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it into the correct field. Click ‘Get keyword ideas’ and look at your results.

This is very handy when you want to look at your competition’s tags. You can copy these tags and paste them in your videos to better optimize for SEO.

The third option is to search by demographics.

You can search by gender, min age/max age, by country, and by interests.

Searching by interest lets you choose categories or subcategories. Add these to the ‘Selected interests’ window and then click ‘Get keyword ideas’. These keyword ideas can then be used to create targeted videos on those subjects.

A good practice would be to use numerous different keyword tools when researching topics for your videos. Never rely on just one keyword tool.

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