The Power of the Internet


The Internet has grown quickly.  It’s hard for most of us to imagine a world without the Internet.  Christmas shopping, raising money, staying in touch.


There may be 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, but there are thousands of ways to communicate on the Internet.  We have Email and forums, which are traditionally a slower to “chat” that allows you to sent short typed messages back and forth.  There are also audio “chats” through a variety of services as well as video chatting and conferencing. Games come built in with audio or text chats, you can leave comments on blogs/websites that encourage discussion. You can Tweet, you can “+1”, you can Post on Facebook, you can “share” across all sorts of platforms. There are so many ways to communicate and share information back and forth on the Internet.


Video games and casual games have taken on in recent years on the Internet.  The Internet has fallen in love with social gaming as well, playing games with friends, against friends.  Several games give special in game awards for having your friends interact with you (or you with them). We spend time reading online—blogs, ebooks (and ereaders) and news have all taken their place on the Internet. We stay connect on Facebook, Google+ and an endless amount of other little “connection” sites and organizations.  We’re meeting friends, we’re meeting mates, we’re staying in touch with family.


Online retail has taken off as well.  Some people do all their Christmas shopping online.  Shipping no longer takes “4-6 weeks”—in some instances we can get things in 2-days without paying anything extra. You can sell your own “junk” on ebay.com or craigslist.com.  You can build your own website and sell things you make yourself!  You can buy things you would never be able to find in a local store.


The Internet can spread information incredibly fast. When SmartPhones became the majority of phones, people can receive information instantly.  Text messages to notifications of news they find interesting to important political actions.  People can organize and make their voices heard.  Nothing is more indicative of this than the recent SOPA/PIPA action. Congress shelved the vote on this bill indefinitely after action was organized on the Internet and thousands of people let’s their representatives know they did not support these bills.

Another indication of how the Internet can mobilize and influence “politics” can be seen in Verizon’s attempt to charge a fee for paying your bill online.  When this became news the Internet reacted and Verizon also decided against the fee.


Online learning has become very popular.  It allows people to learn at their own pace while still getting benefits of having a teacher available for help and guidance. Many things that are available in a traditional setting, like lectures, textbooks and teacher feedback are still available.  It’s really become an amazing opportunity in some instances that afford people a change to change their lives in ways they would not have been able to otherwise.

It’s easy to see that the Internet has changed our daily lives. Why not let it continue to enrich your life by learning how to make it work for you?  Check out the Internet Marketing Training Center to see how you can harness the power of the Internet and start making money.

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