Where is Your Focal Point?


Is Your Content Working For You?

Local is a big catch phrase recently.  Local grown food. Local search.  Support your community, buy local! The Internet is taking notice.  Most likely because we all live, play and shop locally. While it’s incredibly easy to go online, purchase something and have it shipped, there are something you want to see and feel before you buy.  There are something you can’t do online, like theater, sports, etc.  It’s only logical that local search is going to be more important than regional or global.  (Except in the case of hard to find items or services, in which case, these are special cases and not the norm.)

There are 4 Billion local searches on Google per month and 61% of all local searches result in purchases (according to National Positions).  That’s a lot of local activity.  Perhaps

This could be an amazing focal point of your site.  If you start to include LOCAL news and local events in in your articles on your site—in a relevant way of course—this could break you into your local market—or into OTHER local markets.

Are Your Keywords Focused?

Your articles should not include everything—including the kitchen sink.  Articles—and keywords—should be tightly focused on your subject matter. If in a 500 page article you mention “hamburger” once, it’s probably not a keyword. Read your article back.  The the keywords and phrases should naturally “pop” out.

Your article should not wander all over the place.  It should have a couple key points and support of those points.  The key points should translate well to “keywords” or “key phrases”.  If you are using WordPress or something else with tagging capabilities, don’t forget to use those as tags as well so you can link like articles together on your site.

Does your Site Do TOO Much?

If your site does too much, it can be hard to find any singular value in it, from the point-of-view of the search engine. It’s possible that if you niche your products or services a little bit you will have a better response.  Amazon sells everything under the sun, but you don’t have the resources or connections to do that.  Stick with what you can control, focus on and excel with.

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