The Strategies of Autoresponders – A Useful Formula


Just like anything else you have to be careful not to abuse the power of autoresponders. What you should do is give at least three customer satisfaction type messages before sending an upsell message. If you hammer people to buy, buy, buy they will quickly get sick of you.

Most autoresponders give the person a link to click on if they want to stop the messages. Hardly anyone unsubscribes to service oriented messages especially if you put in usage and care tips for whatever they bought. A good sequence of autoresponder message would be to send one each day for the first few days and then space them out further over time.
Here’s an example of the sequence used for the autoresponder series people get when they buy a professional speaker product.

  • Message 1 Same day they purchase
  • Message 2 Next day after they purchase
  • Message 3 Five days after they purchase
  • Message 4 9 Days after they purchase
  • Message 5 23 Days after they purchase
  • Message 6 37 Days after they purchase

Another thing you can use sequential autoresponders for is to send phone number, PIN numbers, and instructions if you do a teleseminar. The http://www.kickstartcart.com system gives the attendee a custom thank you page where they can download their handout and get their telephone numbers and then the autoresponder kicks in to give them the numbers and instructions again in case they lose the thank you letter.

This reduces hassle enormously when doing a Telephone Seminar. Most of the people won’t lose both documents. You can handle a large number of participants using a tool like this.

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