Using Unblockable Pop-ups For Making More Money


Unblockable Pop Up Boxes

New technology allows one type of pop up box that can’t be blocked by conventional pop up blockers and another type that gets blocked some of the time, but not all of the time.  You can use both types.

The first is called a “Hover Ad”. This is a box that uses “dynamic HTML scripting language. This language makes a box appear on a page, but the box isn’t really a separate page. It is an appendage to the page it’s on so conventional pop up blockers don’t recognize it as a pop up box.

Hover ads can be quite interesting. Some of them can be programmed to drop in from the top of your web page and bounce several times. It really gets the attention of your visitors. In fact, it doubled the subscription rate the very same day the IMTC founder put it on one of his sites. You can see examples at: https://www.antion.com and https://www.Public-Speaking.org.

Hover ads can only be used on entry to a page. They can be delayed before they appear, but you can’t use them as an exit pop like you would use when someone leaves a page without buying. There are inexpensive generators that help you make these unblockable entry pop up boxes.

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