Video Marketing – What is it?


Video marketing consists of posting your videos to sites so people can watch and comment on them. Sites like Facebook, Youtube, Metacafe, Myspace, and many others accept videos. Videos get people to comment and share with their friends, just like they do with comments to posts. All of this sharing and commenting can build connections that in turn will get you customers. Video is a powerhouse when it comes to media marketing.

It contains all the other elements listed above: text, audio, images, and graphics. That makes it very powerful. Also, a lot of people don’t have the skills to create video on their own. This means that there aren’t as many videos on a subject compared to an article on the same subject.

That gives video more value. However, videos are harder to make search engine friendly. Articles are still the easiest for Google to find. But there’s good indication that video may or may not over take articles in the eyes of Google and other search engines in the near future, so getting on the video bandwagon now could be a huge benefit to your career.

With a little training, you could increase your value to a company and increase what you earn. It’s time you took your career to the next level of professionalism. If you are ready to do that, here is the place to start.

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