Video Marketing, What’s the Big Deal?


Online video is a great way to spread your message to the world. Businesses large and small are investing large sums to create, edit and distribute videos all over the web. Adding a content filled video to your business website will increase the rank of your website in search engines, which means more visitors.

Video marketing is the number one online business solution of 2013. Why? The increasing popularity of videos is making businesses rethink how they present their information. The percentage of people that watch videos to get their news and training, according to polls, is growing fast and shows no sign of stopping.

However a business uses online video, one thing is true: a person that understands search engines, keywords, script writing and even simple editing needs to help pull the entire thing together. There are many video editors out there, but few understand the concept of online marketing. How the search engine finds the video, how it’s presented, and how it’s shared by others are all important steps to successfully marketing a video.
Many business owners stray away from video because they believe it will take thousands of dollars in equipment to create or that it is a complicated process, but with technology that is not true anymore. Here at IMTCVA we reveal the different techniques and tips so you can make professional looking videos.You are in business because you love what you do and you want to make money so we also uncover the different ways you can profit from video either making it for yourself or making it for other people.

What is video marketing? It is the process of shooting, editing, and distributing online video to bring in targeted traffic to your website. People love video because it is an entertaining alternative to reading. Business owners should love video also because it can establish you as an expert in your field and you can connect with your viewers. Make it easy for your target audience and search engines to find your video by fully optimizing them. The video titles, description, and tags all have to be optimized correctly so the search engine can find your videos when your target market is searching. There also needs to be a heavy social media campaign so you can get the most viewers outside of your website. A traditional video editor rarely understands these concepts. What is the point of a perfectly edited video if nobody sees it?

IMTC supports the idea of a growing online video world with its Video Marketing courses and training. You don’t need your own camera and equipment to be a video marketing expert, just access to a computer and the Internet.The growing demand for online video can create an opportunity for you to work from home in a fresh new career and make money. Offer your services to other people or do it for your own business either way the ball is in your court to start making money!

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