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Let’s ask some personal questions.  Where are you working now?  How long have you worked there?  When was your last promotion and/or pay raise?  Do you feel like you are just floating along and not moving forward?

IMTC is a new school, so we do not have a track record, yet.  But our founder, Tom Antion does.  Tom has helped hundreds of other people just like you.  They were in a dead end job or lost their job.  With Tom’s training they are now making a part time or full time living on the Internet.  They are living their dream to make their own money with the comfort of the Internet marketing lifestyle.

Maybe you have been telling yourself for years that you need to make a change.  Now is the time!  The economy is horrible with no light at the other side anytime soon.  But the field of Internet marketing is thriving.

Our online courses are open for enrollment.  You can check out our website http://imtcva.org .  You can also call us with any questions or concerns you may have at 757-431-1366.

We offer world class Internet marketing training.  Our instructors have real life experience on the Internet.  Our founder, Tom Antion, is one of the best Internet marketers out there.

We can offer you training to better your future.  Are you ready?

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