Why You Should Be More Active On Your Youtube Account


A number of perks become available to those Youtube users that have had a channel in good standing for some time and regularly upload videos to their channel. One perk is an extended time limit for videos. When you first sign up for Youtube, the video length for uploads is limited to 15 minutes. After some time goes by with an account in good-standing, you can begin to upload videos that can be as long as 2 – 3 hours or more. This is very helpful in using Youtube to share recorded webinars with your registrants. You can't just ‘ask' Youtube for extended video length either. They will basically surprise you with a notification that states “Congratulations! You can now upload videos longer than 15 minutes in length.” The only thing we've found to expidite this is to be as active as possible on your account and upload videos regularly.

Another perk that is a lot of fun is the ability to upload a custom image for a video thumbnail. With new users, you're only offered a choice of three random thumbnails to choose from for your videos. But active and longer standing accounts will now see a ‘browse' button for uploading the image of your choice while in the ‘edit video' mode. Again, length of time and regular uploading will help hurry these perks along for users.




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