Internet Marketing Jobs: Is Your Staff J.O.B. Unsatisfying?


Is working for someone else ungratifying?

The World of Work 2010 report from Randstad found that half of all employees feel their skills are underused and around 10% have been forced to take up work that did not make full use of their abilities. People are looking for work outside the job that may better utilize their talents, not just for the extra income but for the satisfaction.

Justin Myers, a freelance editor and consultant, was first pushed to self-employment through redundancy. After taking a few months off to “get his head together”, Justin started freelancing with some shifts at an online newsdesk. Now he's working on two distinct projects and enjoys the lifestyle.

“Being your boss is a magical feeling; you feel really empowered and I love having responsibility for myself. Additionally, being a consultant, I've found that clients really value my opinion and input. I don't think you get that perceived level of confidence when you're in a staff job.”

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