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Hi! My name is Colin and I'm one of the instructors here at the Internet Marketing Training Center. Not only do I have the experience of having worked for Tom Antion, the founder, for over four years now, but I also took my own distance education course back in 2005 for a degree in Gemology. Without a choice to take a distance education course, I would never have been able to attend.

The school I attended online is in California. I live in Virginia and didn't have the opportunity to leave my job and live out west while I took that course for 18 months. I was also a single dad. Distance education gave me the opportunity to get an education that I really desired. When I saw that they had an online education available I signed up on the spot. I knew it was the answer I was looking for.

How about you?Could learning online change your decision about a starting a new career? I took the tests online, completed my assignments online and had easy access to my instructor. It couldn't have been any more convenient. That's why I believe in the success of this school, IMTC and how it can open up opportunities for people just like you (and me!) to attend the school they want to. Dreams really can come true, even if you live far away and maybe a single parent just like I was. When you're ready to find out more, we're here for you.

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