Internet Marketing Careers – How to Become a Video Marketer


Video marketing is the number one online business solution of 2013. Why? The increasing popularity of videos is making businesses rethink how they present their information. The percentage of people that watch videos to get their news and training, according to polls, is growing fast and shows no sign of stopping.

What is video marketing? It’s the process of shooting, editing and distributing online video all around the globe to bring in new traffic and informed prospects to company websites. People like watching videos because they are so dynamic and entertaining. Most website visitors have little time to read long passages of text, so they opt to watch videos instead. Videos can bring out information that text cannot: showing products in action, presenting screen-capture training such as showing the use of software and meeting the staff in a personal way.

Google and the search engines love video. For the reasons stated above, search engines believe that a video experience can be of more value than text alone, and will often support online videos with better and longer lasting search results. The main job of a video marketer is not necessarily shooting the video (video production), but instead is in charge of getting the video widely spread across the web using Youtube, social media, blogs, mobile devices, other video hosting sites and turning the video into products that can be sold.

IMTC supports the idea of a growing online video world with its Video Marketing courses and training. You don’t need your own camera and equipment to be a video marketing expert, just access to a computer and the Internet. How could the growing demand for online video create an opportunity for you to work from home in a fresh new career?



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