Online Video Marketing Campaigns For Business


Many businesses are turning to online video to promote their products and services. A great example is the Stihl Corp. and their Timbersports Series. They started this series for outdoor promotions, especially for television. This series was a popular draw for the company for the last few years, but with the advent of online video and Youtube, the size of the audience tripled. Youtube has the ability to reach farther than traditional television programming, especially considering the costs. For all of this exposure to take place, an online video manager needs to take control and produce the campaign for the company.

Tasks for this include: proper uploading of video files, optimizing the keywords in the title and descriptions for search engines, building a subscriber list to the Youtube channel, sharing and promoting the videos to other sites such as Facebook and Twitter and more. Whether in-house or hired from a firm, Stihl needed someone with the skills to help with their video campaign. Online promotions can differ greatly from traditional media and it takes a special understanding of how search engines find the appropriate sources of information.

This is where IMTC comes in. As more and more businesses turn towards online video and the Internet to promote their products, people who have the skills to tackle these unique opportunities will become more in demand. How would working in this kind of industry enrich your life? It's not the same old career. You may already be working with video and the Internet and love it. For companies such as Stihl, it's serious business. The job market for skilled Internet marketers is going everyday. Find out how you can get on this exploding career field!

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