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E-commerce Systems: How To Use A Shopping Cart

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Besides the website and product images, there is a core set of processes to an e-commerce system: the shopping cart, the merchant account, and the payment gateway. A good shopping cart will integrate these elements seamlessly for a trouble free selling experience.  The shopping cart takes the orders, the merchant account processes the credit cards and payments and the gateway connects the two together. The shopping cart produces the code for the selling buttons that are placed under each product on the website.

A general understanding of e-commerce will go a long way in ensuring that you will always be ready to go with any new products you develop. It's not that hard to get a working knowledge of the shopping cart system so you can add and remove products, change prices and descriptions. Shopping carts also have the ability to create upsells, discount coupons, ad tracking and automatically process shipping and handling. To truly reap big profits, your e-commerce system needs to run on automatic… freeing you up to run your business and all the daily tasks you have. Learn to run an e-commerce system of your own…

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Camtasia – Awesome Software

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Have you ever come across an awesome computer program that when you use it, you say “this is awesome”. Camtasia is a program that I always say is “awesome”. Camtasia can record anything that is on your computer screen. It actually creates videos of what you are doing on your computer. You see the mouse moving, text typing, websites loading, anything you want. It also records audio. In the video that Camtasia creates, you can hear mouse clicks, sounds that are playing on your computer, and the sound of your voice that's recorded from a microphone you speak into. Can you imagine all the possibilities you can have with a program like this? You could record the steps to uploading a picture to Facebook, then put that video up on Youtube, and have people pay you to watch it. That's right, you could charge people to watch your video. With Camtasia, you could offer consulting to customers. If they have a question about how to order your product, you could create a Camtasia video that shows them exactly how to do that. There are just so many ways to use Camtasia, I could go on forever.

If you've never used Camtasia before, try it out. Click here if you need training on how to use Camtasia to make money online.

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