Youtube – Use Channels to Get Viewers


If you have an account (and everybody should, it’s free) on Youtube, you’ve probably watch a video or 2…hundred. Have you ever noticed that some videos are on the standard white Youtube background and some videos are on a nice looking, color coordinated background? The color coordinated pages are Youtube channels. Channels are pages that users have created. They can contain any video the user chooses, along with color and background. Other viewers that like the videos you have on your channel can subscribe. If they subscribe, they will get notices of other videos you put online. This keeps people coming back to your channel, thereby increasing the views. The nice thing about channels is that you can use it to your advantage. You can create your own custom background that contains any type of information you want. This is a great way to advertise other sites, products, or services and most importantly, viewers don’t see this on a regular Youtube page; only on your channel. So, you really need to be getting people to subscribe to your Youtube channel. If you would like to know MORE ways to use your channel or to get video marketing training, check out the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia Beach.

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