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Are you an author? Do you have your book on Amazon? Simply uploading your book to Amazon is not enough, you need to market it and, more importantly, yourself. Luckily, Amazon makes it easy to do both. Amazon has a separate section for authors to create a profile, here, at Amazon’s Author Central.  Author Central lets you provide information about you, your books, your blog, and so on. Anybody that finds your book on Amazon can access your profile and get more information about you. One nice feature of Amazon’s Author Central is the option to upload a video to your profile. Uploading a video let’s you say a lot more in a lot less. It can provide a face and personality to your potential customers and is a great way to promote any of your books, or even an upcoming one. It doesn’t seem too many authors are using this feature yet, which could be a good thing. Amazon is always looking for people that use it’s avenues to the fullest, so they may help you out if you have a video on your profile.

There is, however, one thing I wish Amazon would fix. It would be nice if they provided the option to use a YouTube code for the video. As of right now, they only let you upload a file, no YouTube links. Hopefully, when more people upload videos, Amazon will open up this option.

If you do have a book, you need to market it. Get all the information and training you need to market your book online here.

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Video sales letters are quick and easy video slideshows that you can use to market your business. Recently, the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia has started implementing the use of video sales letters for marketing the school on Youtube. Why have they done this? For a couple of reasons:

• Ease – Making video sales letters is possibly the easiest video to create

• Speed – Video sales letters don’t take long at all to make. This means we can make a lot of them and get them uploaded fast

• Technicality – Video sales letters don’t require a lot of video knowledge, expensive software, or even a camera to make a successful video

Here is an example of one of the videos we made:

You too, can learn how to make video sales letters, as well as everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Internet marketing at

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Inside News: At IMTC

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I’m looking forward to the school opening; it is what everyone is looking for. While we’re waiting for everything to come together which it is, very nicely. We have Marc (Video Editor) updating The Lessons w/ video and adding them to the site.   Nick (Graphic Designer) is adding text to our school sites he is also working on the cover for the catalog, brochure, and the business cards. 


Our writer Judy is making a different version of The Million Dollar Mouse; also she is doing guest speaker interviews with people that Tom has helped become famous with his knowledge of Internet Marketing.  Colin (Social Media/Professor) is working on making the Camtasia video’s for the Internet Marketing Training Center’s Curriculum.  That’s all I have for today come back for more updates.  Thank you for visiting, your comments are important to us, we look forward to hearing from you.


– Corinne, Here from Inside the Internet Marketing Training Center

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