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Web Design: Google Penalties and How to Avoid Them

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While studying Tom Antion’s book, Click, The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers, and his three-prong approach to Internet marketing, I came across a section on Google penalties and how to avoid them. The book describes five common penalties, the causes and what you can do to make sure your website isn’t penalized. Whether you are having a web designer create a new website for you or you have an existing website, arming yourself with this knowledge can prevent a lot of grief in the long run. It’s definitely a case of what you don’t know can hurt you.

The book cautions against the practices listed below:

  • Linking to sites that are banned or penalized.
  • Having dozens and dozens of new links coming to the exact same page over again with the same anchor text.
  • Adding links to your site too fast.
  • Running more than one site off a single IP address, and heavily cross linking those sites.
  • Stuffing keywords into your website
  • Piling up excessive reciprocal links, directory submissions, backlinks from unrelated or low-quality sites.
  • Using too many links from sites that do not match your theme or industry niche.
  • Using stagnant linking strategies, obvious over-optimization and just general neglect.
  • Buying your way into the search results with paid links or link farm.
  • Being heavy on AdSense but light in content.
  • Using over optimization, poor or irrelevant link schemes and poor content.

To learn more about these common practices and the how to avoid the penalties Google imposes for using them, see If you would like to know more about designing your website using acceptable webmaster principles, visit

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Distance Education: Local Businesses Need SEO

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Local search has taken the search engines by storm. A huge amount of small businesses including pizza shops, dentists, nightclubs, dry cleaners and car dealerships are now using local search to create a presence on the web. This has taken the place of the Yellow Pages and for good reason. Local search gives you all the tools you need to make a decision about where to purchase, how to get there and even links to the establishment's website.

Look at the power local search provides you, the customer:

  • Interactive maps and directions from your home.
  • Streetview – see the neighborhood your about to travel to.
  • Reviews of the business.
  • Links to menus, printable coupons and social networking.
  • Get the search results right on your phone.
  • And much more….

As small business grows it's reach on the web, they will need people who know how to submit and manage their listings. The information has to be updated and fresh for customers to find them. These search engine techniques are not just for large companies anymore. Not having a updated presence on the web can mean lost business. Where will they find the right people to help them manage these tasks?

The Internet Marketing Training Center will help teach the skills that today's savvy marketers will need to help small business stay ahead. This kind of technology will increase the demand for jobs in Internet marketing management. This is a whole new world opening up right in front of your eyes… are you ready to take it on?

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Internet Marketing Careers: Videos and Production

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I'll bet by now there isn't anyone on Earth that hasn't seen a Youtube video.

People watch over 2 billion videos a day on Youtube and every minute over 24 hours of footage is uploaded. Not only is Youtube a fun place to just hang out and watch your favorite vids, it's a great place to learn stuff. If I want to learn to run a certain software program or even how to repair my car, I search Youtube for the answers. It's much easier to watch a video than to try and follow along in some document. The people who submit videos to Youtube come from all walks of life and varied age groups including 10 year old kids submitting skateboarding tricks to serious college students making independent films. But one group of video makers are growing faster than all of the rest…. companies.

From Target to Apple to BlendTec, companies large and small are using videos to market their products and services. Videos can create a brand name, answer customer service issues, advertise specials and just plain entertain the millions of people a day watching on Youtube. Video marketing has become one of the most cutting edge and powerful tools in a company's strategy to advertise themselves and they pay good money to make and market these videos. This opens up a huge opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of a new career field.

If this interests you, you have the whole world in front of you. And a distance learning education school such as IMTC can be the ticket to your new career. We cover all of the practical nuts-and-bolts training for things like video marketing, social media, search engine optimization and tons more. Work for yourself or work for a big company… the choice is yours, but call us to find out just how easy it is to start!

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Internet Marketing Training Center: Businesses Are Looking For You

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Businesses large and small need a presence on the web. They have been doing business for years in the conventional manner and now they have to enter into a new way of marketing just to keep up. Almost every large company now has a number of social media outlets:

  • A Facebook page
  • A Youtube Channel
  • A Blog (or a number of them)
  • A Twitter Account

These media sites help them keep their brand fresh in their customer's minds as they surf the web from their homes or phones. Companies know  that is where their customers and prospects are spending their time. With social media a business can promote events, offer deals and coupons, advertise one day sales and even keep in touch with their customers needs, concerns and increase their visibility. Yes, businesses need social media but who can they trust to run their sites for them?

With the proper training and education, you can create a demand for yourself that businesses are looking for right now. Opportunities abound like never before. Internet marketing and social media jobs are on the rise. You can easily turn something you enjoy doing into a lucrative career without boundaries… just in time to meet the needs of thousands of companies that need your help and expertise.

You can be the person that they trust. Find out how easy it is to find your new direction in life… right at your fingertips.

We are waiting to help you.

Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia

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