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Blogging Tips – Be Yourself

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Blogging is the hottest trend to hit the Internet in years. Nearly 65% of people who read or get information online use blogs to get the information. Why? Because blogs are fun, personal and always fresh. If you look at ESPN for example, they link to many reporter blog posts that talk candidly about the week’s sports news. If you visit to read the latest tech news, it’s usually in the form of a blog post. Blogging is filled with variety and interaction. Often, the comments readers leave are more informative and entertaining than the original post itself. This only adds more fun and excitement to the post, making blogging more popular than ever.

If you are a business owner or are helping someone with their blogging duties, it can be a chore to think of something to say everyday. Here is a hint to better blogging: Be yourself and be personal. Being candid creates a rapport with your reader and makes it easier to think of things to write about. Even if no real news has come out about your industry lately, there are still opinions and thoughts to put on paper, so to speak. Whether those thoughts and opinions are your own or someone else’s, it’s often not too difficult to stir up the pot a little and get a conversation going. Reading an ongoing dialogue between a number of ‘experts’ is what brings your readers back to the blog over and over again. Repeat visitors is what the search engines love.

I see far too many blogs that are very ‘clinical’ in nature: they are just spouting boring facts or re-hashing the news of the day. That’s not what people want to read. There are millions of blogs to compete with – you can’t be boring and expect results. The more personalized the post and the more candid your writing becomes, the more interactive and fun the blog becomes for your readers. Fun blogs make money.

Use your blog as a daily diary.That’s what they were originally intended for anyway, but it seems that most bloggers have lost their way. Learn to ‘lighten’ up your writing by being yourself… and watch the results roll in!

Do you have what it takes to be a professional blogger?

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Yes. Almost everyone is familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. A majority of us are on these sites daily having fun and making friends. For business however, it’s serious business. Companies large and small are spending time and money on social media marketing, even in the face of declining budgets for television, newspapers and other traditional media. Why? Because social networks are where the customers are. People log in to their Facebook accounts nearly everyday if not more. They are there when they are looking for friends, looking for information and even when they are looking for something to eat or someplace to go see a band. Marketing on social networks is dynamic: businesses can deliver specials, coupons and hours of operation. Fans can get instant updates as to what tonight’s special dish is, what products are on sale and even what other customers are saying about the business.

Look around and take notice: just how many businesses are NOT using social media to reach out to their customers? Very few.  And who is running these campaigns and managing the day-to-day updates and operations that keep the message flowing smoothly? Internet Marketers. People who know more than just posting and sharing photos. You have to know what to say to your fans and when to say it. You have to know how to ‘push their buttons’ so they act on your message. In most regards it’s similar to traditional advertising, just more far-reaching and much more cost-effective.

Why is that important to you? Because this is a seriously in-demand career with a lot of benefit. Companies are realizing very quickly that there is a large gap between their growing demand and skilled employees that know how to do it right. The ball is in your court. In an era where many jobs are being outsourced or eliminated completely, Internet Marketing will continue to grow. At the Internet Marketing Training Center, we teach the skills that you need to make a career like this for yourself. Maybe you didn’t realize that making a great living was possible with something fun like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin? Well, now you do…

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Are you thinking of changing your job next year? Or even switching careers completely? Before you make a move, research carefully what skills employers will be looking for over the next couple of years.

Of the highest in-demand skills for 2012: computers, the Internet and information marketing. All the skills we teach at the Internet Marketing Training Center. Here at IMTCVA, we know that marketing on the Internet: blogging, website design, online video, e-commerce and more, will be growing each and every year. Businesses look towards Internet Marketing as a cost-effective and powerful way to reach their customers. Compared to traditional marketing: television, radio and print, the Internet gives companies a huge advantage of reach without blowing out their budgets.

The problem with marketing on the Internet is that businesses are having a hard time finding enough qualified people to do the work. Internet marketing is relatively new. Because of that, few people possess the exact skills and training to do the job. What that means for the ones who know how to do it is a huge in-demand skill set. You could even work for a number of businesses from the comfort of your own home. That’s what we call a “virtual assistant” and there is no shortage of work for those who know how to do it. In fact, we believe that “virtual” jobs and “tele-commuting” is the wave of the future.

Where can you learn everything you’ll need to know to be in high demand? Well, right here of course. Check out or free downloadable career guide and list of the classes we teach. You’ll be glad you did.

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There has been an explosion of WordPress websites for business in the last 18 months. Almost everywhere you look, companies large and small, plus individuals, are using WordPress software to create their websites. Why? Because compared to traditional websites, WordPress is cheap and easy to make. That doesn’t mean that just anyone can build them. On a basic level, most beginners can create something simple. But ad in a custom header, special widgets, plug-ins, opt-in forms and simple HTML code and you’ll have a mess on your hands if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s where the training in WordPress creation and management comes in. At IMTC, we teach you the advanced techniques for quickly and easily building a WordPress site for either yourself or a business. This is a high ‘in demand’ service because of the explosive popularity of WordPress. There are more businesses who need help in managing their sites than there are people who know how to do it. This is a BIG opportunity for you to make money with your knowledge.

And it doesn’t stop there. Your customers will still need consultations in keyword placement, image management and much more. At IMTC, you’ll learn all of that too. This really is the career of the future. The work will only grow in its demand, and armed with the knowledge from IMTC, you have all you need to take this new career by the horns. Check out all of the classes we offer and download our career brochure too. See you over there!

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Did you know you can make a generous living selling other people’s products from your home computer? At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to your own home based business. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

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Most people who are in dead end jobs feel stuck. They would love to make a career change, but don’t feel they have the time to learn a new skill. The hours they work now can interfere with being able to go back to school, even for night classes. But what if you could learn at your own pace? And from the comfort of your own home?

Online education, also known as distance education, is perfect for people who have little time to squeeze a traditional education into their schedule. Most people who are in the middle of their careers have children as well. This adds even more stress to one’s ability to find time for learning. How about learning when and where you can? When you have that small amount of time to further your education, you’ll use your time wisely and take your education more seriously.

Distance education is perfect for those who need the skills now to make a change. At the Internet Marketing Training Center, we can teach you the skills for a new career: a career that’s high in demand by employers, non-profits, or you can use the skills to create your own part time or full time business: one that brings in a lot of extra money. At IMTC, we will give you ideas about how to use your Internet Marketing education to get the job of your dreams or start a business.

Why wait? It’s time to get out of that dead end job and take your life and career as far as it can go. Call us at 757.687.5190 or download our free career guide at  and see what your future can hold.

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You hear thousands of commercials and get inundated daily with email ads about starting your own online business. Yes. There is a lot of money available to make online. It is the new frontier of business and advertising, especially geared towards people just starting out in their own business or work from home venture. The reason is the affordability. Compared to opening your own physical retail store, the investment of which is far out of the reach of average people, the Internet provides a low-cost alternative to any traditional business venture.

That’s not where most Internet businesses fail, however. The problem is with people buying into work at home programs without the proper training in running an online business.  Regardless of what some work at home program touts, it takes a degree of skill to effectively sell products and services to others online. If you have purchased work at home programs before and have been disappointed with the results, there were probably fundamental skills missing that would have helped you succeed.

These are the skills that the Internet Marketing Training Center teaches:

* Using videos to brand your business

* Using social networking to inexpensively reach millions of your potential customers

* Writing effective web copy to motivate viewers to buy

* Using an e-commerce system to seamlessly deliver your products

* Interactive marketing using autoresponders, blogs, forums and newsletters

Very few, if any, work at home programs teach you fundamental marketing skills. That’s why so many people fail. If you are really serious about starting (and succeeding) in an online business or just want to get a job working for someone else, IMTC has the skills you need. Come check out our site and see what we mean.

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There are many options you can take when it comes to post secondary education. When deciding which route you want to take, consider the benefits to distance education. You don’t have to pay for transportation costs, housing expenses, or education materials. One of the best distance education institutions is the Internet Marketing Training Center.

At IMTC, you learn at your pace, when you want to. Get certified in Internet marketing in as little as six months.

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3 Great Reasons to Join IMTC

Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia Lessons

Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia Lessons

Are you overwhelmed when it comes to learning Internet marketing? Are you unsure what marketing program or course you should pursue? Maybe you have already spent hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars on Internet marketing products realizing they were just a waste of time and money. Well, if you answered yes to any of the above, I’m going to give you three great reasons to join the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia.

IMTC’s Pledge to Your Education

Unlike other proclaimed Internet marketing schools, IMTC, the Internet Marketing Training Center, is a registered and licensed school recognized by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. IMTC is absolutely dedicated in administering all the necessary skills to educate all students through online courses, phone interaction, email, discussion boards/forums, audio, video, as well as student to student networking platform.

Comprehensive Training at IMTC

Not only can you study at your own convenience, IMTC is packed with everything you need to succeed in your Internet marketing career. Every section of the course provides in-depth details on each specific topic, covering proven strategies and implementations for effective online results. From keyword research, web design, all the way to driving traffic and making sales, is just a fraction of what the course covers.

A Look Inside the Students Training Course

Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia Lessons Quiz

Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia Lessons Quiz

In case your wondering whats inside, be prepared for a well-organized, and sequential training platform. The course is split up into three semesters. In each semester there are over a dozen lessons covering virtually all elements of successful Internet marketing. Each individual lesson is loaded with up to date, step-by-step methods, and the proper implementation for its particular department. The lessons are straight forward, laid out clearly so every student can comprehend. Each lesson is followed up by a comprehensive quiz to test the knowledge you’ve just acquired.

The lessons are arranged in a systematic structure that bridges each lesson together, making it a naturally fluent step-by-step training course.

To get more information about the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, visit , and don’t forget to download your FREE career brochure!

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Check out this cool video for IMTCVa. The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia is dedicated to teaching you how to market online. Get certified in Internet marketing at IMTCVa; the only school in the world dedicated specifically to Internet marketing.

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