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Consumer Online Activities

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There are many different reasons consumers go online. Listed below are the top 6 activities consumers perform online:

  • 92% Email
  • 92% Search
  • 81% Check the Weather
  • 76% Read News
  • 71% Watch Videos
  • 71% Purchase Products

You are reading this because you are thinking about starting a career in Internet Marketing or you already have a business and you are trying to increase your web presence. As an Internet Marketer it is your job to capitalize on the current trends. A lot of tasks we used to do offline have been replaced by online activities. For example the Netflix streaming volume exceeded rentals in 2012. Consumers are still watching movies but the Internet has made it easier, you don’t even have to leave your couch to purchase the latest movie. While Netflix is making profits, Blockbuster went bankrupt. Instead of going against the trends, stay ahead of the curve and visit to start your profitable Internet Marketing career.

The Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia would like to send you our message of holiday cheer. No matter what or how you celebrate, be sure to relax and enjoy the season.

And since 2012 is right around the corner, it might be time for a career change. Even a change that could mean you are in charge of your future.

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2012 will be a lot like 2011 in terms of business practices. Retail, manufacturing and service oriented companies will be scaling down expenses and offering various new services that can be accessed in alternative ways. Doing business as usual is over. Many companies will be turning to the web to increase revenues and cut costs in advertising. The Internet gives businesses a cost effective way to reach their target market over traditional marketing channels. The ever-present issue with the web is finding enough skilled employees that not only know how to work with the new technology, but are able to keep up with emerging trends that may be the ‘next big thing’ and how to leverage those technologies with their business.

Failed attempts to keep on top of the ever changing Internet landscape have left companies high-and-dry in terms of using these new techniques to make sales and build profits. Outsourcing these marketing techniques have left businesses weak and behind the times, or at best, not taking full advantage of the technology available to them. The solution is an educated workforce. One that understands how the technology works on a basic level and how to affect the buying public’s decision making process. Social media, interactive video and user-friendly apps and website experiences are just the tip of the iceberg. Acquiring the skill set to manage this kind of marketing is only a click away.  

What talents do you possess? How can use the gap between supply and demand to carve out a new career for yourself? At the Internet Marketing Training Center, we are searching everyday for the most up-to-date skills that employers don’t even know they need and arming our students with the know-how that makes them valuable… ahead of their time.

But time will catch up. When businesses raise their voices to make the plea for competent workers, IMTC grads will be there to answer the call.

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There has been an explosion of WordPress websites for business in the last 18 months. Almost everywhere you look, companies large and small, plus individuals, are using WordPress software to create their websites. Why? Because compared to traditional websites, WordPress is cheap and easy to make. That doesn’t mean that just anyone can build them. On a basic level, most beginners can create something simple. But ad in a custom header, special widgets, plug-ins, opt-in forms and simple HTML code and you’ll have a mess on your hands if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s where the training in WordPress creation and management comes in. At IMTC, we teach you the advanced techniques for quickly and easily building a WordPress site for either yourself or a business. This is a high ‘in demand’ service because of the explosive popularity of WordPress. There are more businesses who need help in managing their sites than there are people who know how to do it. This is a BIG opportunity for you to make money with your knowledge.

And it doesn’t stop there. Your customers will still need consultations in keyword placement, image management and much more. At IMTC, you’ll learn all of that too. This really is the career of the future. The work will only grow in its demand, and armed with the knowledge from IMTC, you have all you need to take this new career by the horns. Check out all of the classes we offer and download our career brochure too. See you over there!

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Most people who are in dead end jobs feel stuck. They would love to make a career change, but don’t feel they have the time to learn a new skill. The hours they work now can interfere with being able to go back to school, even for night classes. But what if you could learn at your own pace? And from the comfort of your own home?

Online education, also known as distance education, is perfect for people who have little time to squeeze a traditional education into their schedule. Most people who are in the middle of their careers have children as well. This adds even more stress to one’s ability to find time for learning. How about learning when and where you can? When you have that small amount of time to further your education, you’ll use your time wisely and take your education more seriously.

Distance education is perfect for those who need the skills now to make a change. At the Internet Marketing Training Center, we can teach you the skills for a new career: a career that’s high in demand by employers, non-profits, or you can use the skills to create your own part time or full time business: one that brings in a lot of extra money. At IMTC, we will give you ideas about how to use your Internet Marketing education to get the job of your dreams or start a business.

Why wait? It’s time to get out of that dead end job and take your life and career as far as it can go. Call us at 757.687.5190 or download our free career guide at  and see what your future can hold.

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Are you a realtor who wants to make a career change or even earn extra money? Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

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You hear thousands of commercials and get inundated daily with email ads about starting your own online business. Yes. There is a lot of money available to make online. It is the new frontier of business and advertising, especially geared towards people just starting out in their own business or work from home venture. The reason is the affordability. Compared to opening your own physical retail store, the investment of which is far out of the reach of average people, the Internet provides a low-cost alternative to any traditional business venture.

That’s not where most Internet businesses fail, however. The problem is with people buying into work at home programs without the proper training in running an online business.  Regardless of what some work at home program touts, it takes a degree of skill to effectively sell products and services to others online. If you have purchased work at home programs before and have been disappointed with the results, there were probably fundamental skills missing that would have helped you succeed.

These are the skills that the Internet Marketing Training Center teaches:

* Using videos to brand your business

* Using social networking to inexpensively reach millions of your potential customers

* Writing effective web copy to motivate viewers to buy

* Using an e-commerce system to seamlessly deliver your products

* Interactive marketing using autoresponders, blogs, forums and newsletters

Very few, if any, work at home programs teach you fundamental marketing skills. That’s why so many people fail. If you are really serious about starting (and succeeding) in an online business or just want to get a job working for someone else, IMTC has the skills you need. Come check out our site and see what we mean.

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There are many options you can take when it comes to post secondary education. When deciding which route you want to take, consider the benefits to distance education. You don’t have to pay for transportation costs, housing expenses, or education materials. One of the best distance education institutions is the Internet Marketing Training Center.

At IMTC, you learn at your pace, when you want to. Get certified in Internet marketing in as little as six months.

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YouTube – Always Changing

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Just when you think YouTube is going to stay the same for a while, they go and change it all up on you. Today, I was uploading a new promotional video for IMTC when I found that the upload page is completely revamped. Here is what I saw:

Everything is cleaner with a new look on the upload page. Basically, all of the options are the same except that you can now upload more than one video at a time.

But the changes don’t stop there. Once you choose your file to upload, the video information page has changed as well.

Everything is still available to you as in the old video information page, but now it’s so much nicer looking. Check it out when you get a chance.

Video marketing is an important part of marketing online. Learn the video marketing skills needed to land a great job.

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Yes, Black Friday is happening early!

We have a special offer to every new student that is thinking of joining our Accelerated Learning Program. An offer so special in fact, that we can’t even mention the full details here. The Internet Marketing Training Center is the only school of its kind to teach you the skills for a flexible and fantastic career.

Believe this… this offer could save you a ton of money over our regular tuition rates. It’s simple to find out the details: Just call Colin Martin at 757.687.5190 and he’ll explain it to you. Can it get any easier to start your new training right now? This special offer ends on November 30, 2011, but you don’t want to wait until then. We have a limited amount of these opportunities available and we know they will go fast!

The world of Internet marketing and digital marketing is looking for skilled people who know how to make money online. I know this is you. There has never been a better time to learn the critical skills that employers all over the country are looking for. Internet Marketing jobs are in high demend. Put yourself in this valuable and powerful position by talking to Colin today: 757.687.5190

Make your dreams come true and make that call!

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