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You hear thousands of commercials and get inundated daily with email ads about starting your own online business. Yes. There is a lot of money available to make online. It is the new frontier of business and advertising, especially geared towards people just starting out in their own business or work from home venture. The reason is the affordability. Compared to opening your own physical retail store, the investment of which is far out of the reach of average people, the Internet provides a low-cost alternative to any traditional business venture.

That’s not where most Internet businesses fail, however. The problem is with people buying into work at home programs without the proper training in running an online business.  Regardless of what some work at home program touts, it takes a degree of skill to effectively sell products and services to others online. If you have purchased work at home programs before and have been disappointed with the results, there were probably fundamental skills missing that would have helped you succeed.

These are the skills that the Internet Marketing Training Center teaches:

* Using videos to brand your business

* Using social networking to inexpensively reach millions of your potential customers

* Writing effective web copy to motivate viewers to buy

* Using an e-commerce system to seamlessly deliver your products

* Interactive marketing using autoresponders, blogs, forums and newsletters

Very few, if any, work at home programs teach you fundamental marketing skills. That’s why so many people fail. If you are really serious about starting (and succeeding) in an online business or just want to get a job working for someone else, IMTC has the skills you need. Come check out our site and see what we mean.

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Press releases are a fast and effective way to tell the world about a company’s products and services. The idea of issuing a press release goes back many years – traditionally newspapers were the vehicle of choice for businesses releasing information about promotions, new hires, new locations, grand openings, employee advancement and new products. Trade magazines as well were a great place to issue important company news, and they still are. But the Internet has become the outlet of choice along with those others due to its popularity, ease of use and quickness to market.

That brings up another important technique of marketing that is relatively new: writing good copy for the web.  Online press releases are by their very nature, a different kind of promotional tool. They are dynamic, immediate and consist of many types of media and links. Unlike traditional press releases, they have images, clickable links to websites and resources, videos and widgets. This gives the reader an opportunity to be directed to a website or watch an interactive video presentation right from the press release.  

Marketers who know how to write effective copy for the web, know how to create anchor text for that copy and embed video files into the press release are already ahead of the game. These are the things that you will learn at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. There are free press release services for the web, and paid services that have a multitude of features that as an Internet marketer, you have to know about. It’s trickier than it looks, but easy when you have the training. As a student of IMTC, you will have the skills to create effective press releases fast and easy, plus the mastery of many other important online techniques that employers are looking for.

Make yourself a valuable asset to the workforce with the proper training in Internet Marketing.

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Creating a database of potential fans is an easy way to have ready made customers for each and every book, CD, teleseminar or live event. Using an opt-in form software such as KickStartCart will give you the ability to collect names and emails in trade for something free from you such as a downloadable excerpt of your book, an MP3 of one of your teleclasses or a special report.

Each name you collect will be stored for marketing to later as the years go on. Sending your list a newsletter keeps your brand fresh in your prospects mind and gives them critical info about your business, qualifications and expertise. As your database grows, you can market all of your future products to the list. Your database is the number one key to sales. These are targeted people who already know you and are familiar with your work. A higher percentage of these people will buy from you than just random visitors to your website. That’s why it is so important that when random visitors come to your website, you capture their information with a freebie.

Freebies should be digital products that are easily accessible and free for you to give away. E-books, MP3’s and membership site content may have cost you your time when you were creating them, but are just files and electrons now. They have no cost of goods sold and no packing and shipping expenses. A speech from your seminar last year has now been turned into another product as an MP3 recording, ready to pass to the masses of website visitors you now have. As a part of your ever growing database, you have control over how you market and when you market your future products. Your database truly is gold….

Learn the latest techniques for a career in Internet Marketing!

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Let’s look at an analogy that might help you understand what HTML coding is. Have you ever been to the theatre? What you see on stage is the actors, the furniture, the scenery, etc.

Behind the stage is all the rigging that makes the play work.What you see on stage is analogous to your webpage. What you see behind the stage is analogous to the HTML code. Your browser (most likely Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox) interprets all the crazy looking HTML code from “back stage” and makes it look like a webpage.

So, now that you know what HTML is, let’s look back stage and see how META Tags apply to your site.META Tags are being used less and less, and you certainly shouldn’t depend on them to get high rankings, but you still should have them because they help you control what the search engines results list says about your site when someone does a search for your topic.

If you want to see some samples of META Tags, open a browser (Internet Explorer) and click on “view.” Then click on “source”. A new window will pop up and you can look at all the behind-the-scenes HTML programming of just about any webpage.

Here’s an example of what the META Tags look like:
Sample META Tags

Note: The <TITLE> Tag should be the first thing after the <HEAD> Area of the page and then comes the “description” META Tag and then the “keyword” META Tag.

<TITLE>Customer service training</TITLE>
<META name=“description” content=“Customized customer service training at your location by the person that “wrote the book” on customer retention”>
<META name=“keywords” content=“customer service speaker, training, trainer, client retention”>

Making web pages is pretty easy to do now and you generally don’t have to know much about HTML. However, you do have to go a little bit behind the scenes to learn about META Tags, But you don’t have to go too far because the new web authoring programs help you make the Meta Tags. Also, WordPress has plugins that make META Tags for you.

Interested in learning more?

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Looking for Internet Marketing online courses that you can use for a new career? At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

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Looking for a new direction in your career? Join the tens of thousands of people making a full time living online with Internet Marketing. Visit the site for a free downloadable career guide.

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Changing from one career to the next can be either scary or exciting. It really depends on whether you had to make a change due to losing a job, or maybe it was about time for something different. Either way, the success of your future depends on how much you like your new career or how relevant your new job is in the marketplace.

Before you make a decision about transitioning to a new career, I invite you to discover the exciting field of Internet marketing. With so many people shopping online, and more growing everyday, Internet marketing continues to be a career with the highest growth rate. And it’s fun too. The Internet is changing everyday. It’s never boring or the same old thing. Considering this career offers the opportunity to work from home; think about how different that would be.

You can start your own business or work for someone else, it’s your choice. If building and managing online businesses sounds like something that you would like, you owe it to yourself to discover what the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia has to offer. Whether it be blogging, social media, website creation or search engine optimization, IMTC can teach you the skills that will put you in demand and at the top the pack. Visit: and see if a career in Internet Marketing is right for you.

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Hi. I’m Colin, an instructor at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. As many of you already know, fitting the time to learn a new trade into your busy schedule can be difficult. Many of us have full time jobs, children and other obligations, that make it hard to attend a traditional college. That’s where distance education comes in. Learning online gives you the freedom to study when you want, where you want, even at night.

Distance education is perfect for those of us who have no time during the day to learn a new skill, but really desire to improve our lives with a new career. Don’t let the ability to learn at night, on your own time, slip away. At IMTC we know how busy you are and that’s why we have tailor-made classes for busy individuals just like you. Internet Marketing is a fast growing career that is changing everyday. Visit: to find out if a career on the Internet is right for you. I’ll see you over there.

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Internet marketing is a fast growing and constantly changing business. More and more companies are creating an online presence to keep up with market demand and their customers expectation’s. Of course, this creates a huge gap in supply and demand. How can businesses find enough qualified people to keep things running smoothly?

At IMTC we teach the necessary skills to compete in today’s market, and the specialized Internet marketing education that employers are looking for. this career choice is moving fast, and you don’t want to be left behind. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this exciting career. If you don’t want to work for someone, that’s ok.

This is a unique educational opportunity that you can use to start your own online business. The choice is yours. Come over to and download our career guide to see what Internet marketing is all about.

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What is ecommerce? It’s the new economy, the way we purchase online and the fastest growing sector of
marketing. It includes online shopping cart systems, website design, customer service applications,
copywriting and more. If you’re here looking for information on a career in ecommerce, you’re at the right

At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia,we teach the up-to-date ecommerce skills that
employers are looking for right now. You can even use the training we teach to start your own business
online. Either way, ecommerce is the business wave of the future and you want to be apart of it. At IMTC,
you can get a certificate in Internet marketing in as little as six months. You could even start making
money on the Internet long before that.

What kinds of things will you learn at IMTC? How about blogging, social media, website creation, merchant
accounts, search engine optimization and a lot more. IMTC is dedicated strictly to Internet Marketing, so
you’ll get the latest information on ecommerce and how to implement it into a business. Companies large
and small need skilled workers right now to manage their website operations. This IS the career for you.
Visit to download our free career guide and read the success stories of people just like you
that are now making a full time living with ecommerce.

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