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Facebook is a great way to promote specials and promotions for small businesses on the web. Using the power of the friends that you have spent time collecting and nurturing, businesses can get a interactive kick from comments, testimonials and post sharing with the ease that Facebook provides. In conjunction with Twitter and Youtube, businesses can plan out a promotional strategy that could put their offerings in front of the eyes of thousands of people.

A couple of weeks before any type of special promotion, the business will want to create small video productions that can be uploaded and shared on social media sites. Videos that are no longer than 2 – 3 minutes in length showing customers giving testimonials, using the products, having fun at past events… anything that creates fun and excitement. No matter what kind of business you have, there are ways to create an informative or commercial aspect to the video production.

These videos can be uploaded to Youtube and Facebook on the day before the big promotion and shared with your friends on their home news feeds. Contact your friends and followers a couple of days beforehand to solicit their comments on your wall in exchange for a special coupon or giveaway just for them. Every video you upload to Facebook or Youtube notifies all of your friends and subscribers to invite them to watch. Each of your friends that makes a comment on your Facebook Wall stating how much they like your business creates a notification to all of their friends. You have now started a domino effect that could put the promo video before the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people.

Your account administrator can leave “thank you” comments in response that will create a sense of interactivity and a personal touch. This kind of buzz is a powerful branding tool that keeps your logos and products on the top of your friends minds and makes them feel as if you care and are taking the time to connect with them.

Facebook’s “Events” tool gives you the ability to invite your friends to a special event that involves a specific date and time such as a store opening or a three day only sale. The RSVP feature in the Event tool lets staff keep track of how many people may show up or just to see how effective the promotion is going. And of course, the Facebook email system can notify all of your friends about special events and promotions that can lead them to websites where menus, additional testimonials, driving directions and printable coupons are there for the taking. The videos you can upload to Facebook will create a visual powerhouse of excitement and education that gives your social media followers something to always look forward to from your business.

Learn what it takes to have a career using Facebook!

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As American companies look for traction in this slow-motion economic recovery, the market for marketers is back. And although these employers’ marketing needs are more diverse than ever, their marketing budgets are trim.

“So many companies are operating lean in marketing right now,” says Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group, a recruiter of interactive design and marketing professionals based in Menlo Park, California. “Professionals who have a depth and breadth to their experience — they rule right now.” Several marketing careers beckon in 2011, from social media marketing and event marketing to sports marketing jobs.

Social media is all the rage, and even if you’re seeking a traditional marketing job in a conventional industry, you’ve got to have some of the right digital stuff. “About 90 percent of marketing openings are still traditional, but the people competing for them have to understand how the emerging technologies merge with the traditional ones,” says Larry Chiagouris, a professor of marketing at Pace University in New York City.

Social Media Coordinator

“People in these marketing jobs look at Facebook and respond in the name of the company and of the brand,” Chiagouris says. But that’s just the beginning. Because this is the in-the-trenches job of the social media revolution, these go-getters are not just monitoring and measuring activity around the company brand, but also doing lots of posting themselves. They may even launch and manage social campaigns as they build bases of fans and Twitter followers. At larger companies, the social media coordinator may outsource the bulk of posting. Social media savvy, an intuitive understanding of metrics and an evangelistic attitude are the chief job requirements. Related marketing jobs: social media director, social media marketing manager.

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Changing from one career to the next can be either scary or exciting. It really depends on whether you had to make a change due to losing a job, or maybe it was about time for something different. Either way, the success of your future depends on how much you like your new career or how relevant your new job is in the marketplace.

Before you make a decision about transitioning to a new career, I invite you to discover the exciting field of Internet marketing. With so many people shopping online, and more growing everyday, Internet marketing continues to be a career with the highest growth rate. And it’s fun too. The Internet is changing everyday. It’s never boring or the same old thing. Considering this career offers the opportunity to work from home; think about how different that would be.

You can start your own business or work for someone else, it’s your choice. If building and managing online businesses sounds like something that you would like, you owe it to yourself to discover what the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia has to offer. Whether it be blogging, social media, website creation or search engine optimization, IMTC can teach you the skills that will put you in demand and at the top the pack. Visit: and see if a career in Internet Marketing is right for you.

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What is ecommerce? It’s the new economy, the way we purchase online and the fastest growing sector of
marketing. It includes online shopping cart systems, website design, customer service applications,
copywriting and more. If you’re here looking for information on a career in ecommerce, you’re at the right

At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia,we teach the up-to-date ecommerce skills that
employers are looking for right now. You can even use the training we teach to start your own business
online. Either way, ecommerce is the business wave of the future and you want to be apart of it. At IMTC,
you can get a certificate in Internet marketing in as little as six months. You could even start making
money on the Internet long before that.

What kinds of things will you learn at IMTC? How about blogging, social media, website creation, merchant
accounts, search engine optimization and a lot more. IMTC is dedicated strictly to Internet Marketing, so
you’ll get the latest information on ecommerce and how to implement it into a business. Companies large
and small need skilled workers right now to manage their website operations. This IS the career for you.
Visit to download our free career guide and read the success stories of people just like you
that are now making a full time living with ecommerce.

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If you’re a high school student looking for information on what to do after graduation, you’re at the right place. Like most of your friends, the Internet plays an important part in your everyday life. It’s where you get your news, how you study and how you stay in touch with your friends. But have you ever thought of taking all of those things and making a career out of it? At the Internet Marketing Training Center, we can teach you the skills that employers are looking for when it comes to selling their products and services online. Things you already are familiar with: blogging, social media, web design, ecommerce, MP3 products and more.
Businesses are looking for bright, young and energetic peopleto manage their ecommerce systems and stay on top of emerging trends. And they pay good money for it. Internet marketing is an exciting career for the young people of today. You’re already spending time on the web, why not make a great living doing it?

Visit: to download a free career guide that can show you plenty of exciting ways that young people are making money on the Internet.

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Now that the Super Bowl is over and the winning Packers are headed home, what are you going to do for the rest of the winter? There’s no more football and in most parts of the country it’s still really cold outside. Why don’t you take this time to start your new career in Internet Marketing? By the time the summer is over, you could have a certificate in Internet Marketing. With this certificate, you could start your own business online. You could also work for businesses and corporations that need people to do Internet Marketing for them. The demand for people with Internet Marketing experience is going to continue to grow. Get in on this new career early and you could write your own ticket to do whatever you want.

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Everyone is familiar with Facebook and it’s business pages.We are going “like crazy” for a few years now to benefit from freebies, information and networking opportunities. Making a Facebook fan or business page is not that hard. But getting people to “like” the page can be a challenge. And then what do you do with your fans once you have them?

Creating a custom page with places to get things for free just by signing up really helps. You can make custom tabs for your business page with the FBML applications, where you can publish an opt-in box, sell items or put sales letters, videos and more that reward visitors for liking the page or just simply networking.

Once you have a number of fans,interact with them regularly by sharing valuable resources with them, asking them for their advice and including them in creative contests or giveaways. Here is a small checklist of “Do’s” to take advantage of your page:

  • Visit the profile of each new fan and welcome them personally.
  • Offer an additional freebie to an ebook, mp3 or newsletter in that personal welcome message.
  • Make sure your fans get first dibs on deals, specials and pre-launch sales.
  • Feature their testimonials, suggestions and input squarely on your page.
  • Encourage them to advertise their products and services on your page.
  • Always address them in a personal fashion, not just a “copy and paste” mentality.

These simple secrets to interacting with your business page fans will make your page stand out from the rest, make your fans feel special and important and keep them coming back again and again. Learn why keeping fans coming back will make your business money…

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Is your blog consistently reaching your target readers? If not, it could be because you are not fully acquainted with your blogging software. Invest the time to learn the features of the software, even it means hiring a professional blog coach or buying a book on the subject.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Post about two to three times a week y to develop a following.
  • Include keywords in the headlines so the search engines can find you.
  • Familiarize yourself with your niche market so you can provide valuable tips and information.
  • Write content that makes people think, respond and react. Take some risks to reach their emotions so they will want to come back to read your next entry and tell their friends about your blog.
  • Post brief articles. Long postings can bore your readers.
  • Add a subscription form so visitors can sign up for your blog.

To discover where you can learn more about blogging, visit

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No matter what kind of business you have, or whether you haven’t started a business before, writing a how-to book based on something you know can make a good income for you or your family. How-to books are easy to write and very much in demand. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be signed to a major publishing firm to print and sell books. Self publishing is a the rage. For a very small investment you can have a service such as CreateSpace (owned by Amazon) print your book for you. You can order as little as 1 copy to as many as 10,000. Even if you don’t have a website of your own, CreateSpace can advertise your book for you, process the order and even ship the book to your customer… you don’t have to do a think. They will send you a check when you sell a book.

This can be great for extra money for you and your family. Or it can elevate you to an expert in your field if you work in a professional atmosphere. A book is a tremendous boost to your life and career. Here at the IMTC, we can show you everything you need to know to market your how-to book for success, or teach you to show others how to do it.

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What kind of buttons? These are the buttons you see all the time on people’s websites saying “Digg This”, “Follow me on Twitter” and “Join Me On Facebook.”

Where do people get these buttons? How can they help your online business?

On most social networks, social bookmarking sites and microblogging sites like Twitter, you can find a link that will say “Tools and widgets.” On these pages the website provides the codes that you simply copy and paste into your website or blog. They will give you a number of options on what kind of graphics or button styles to choose from. These are direct links to your particular accounts that your friends and followers can visit in one click.

A widget is even better. It will show your tweets, facebook friends and updates and even your published articles on in real time. As your social sites are updated, they refresh automatically. And they are not complicated to install. It is simply a code to copy and paste that the site provides for you.

If you want to get really fancy, you can create a graphic in Photoshop with your company logo, and just embed a link to your profile in the image. This is a lot easier than it sounds and helps with branding, especially with Facebook Fan Pages.

How can this help your business? Easy.

These widgets and buttons help drive traffic to your accounts. Your visitors can stay updated on all of your tweets, articles and videos in one glance. The button helps you get valuable “diggs” on submitted websites. Your friends may not even be aware that you have an account at a particular service and now they can network with you further by clicking straight out to your profile and becoming friends. You can build up Twitter followers with your “follow me” button without having to search and follow other people first. These buttons are meant to make your social networking easier. Time is valuable. Use these fun applications to network with others without being online all the time.

Click on these to see how they work!

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