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So, you want to start your career in Internet Marketing? Well, I’m going to give you a quick overview of how to get started. Here at IMTCVA, we call it the three prong attack. There are three areas that you should hone in on whenever you decide to move forward.

3 Prong Attack Elements:109120500

  1. Website
    1. Make sure you have a website that’s ready to convert (make sales). This consists of your shopping cart systems, content and all!
  2. Database
    1. Focus on getting people on your email list.
  1. Products
    1. Become a product machine. What is your signature offer? You should make it your duty to create quality-driven products for your target audience.

Each of these components will help you get started. Even more, as you focus on the three prong attack, make sure you realize these three crucial elements to help you along the way too.

  1. Dive in. Don’t just get your feet wet, as the idiom goes, but immerse yourself in the internet marketing world, learning everything from A to Z.
  2. This contradicts the first point, but it’s relevant. As you immerse yourself in the information, make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once. It takes a few years to actually be confident in knowing what you’re doing. Therefore, don’t get discouraged not truly grasping the concepts or feeling like the elements aren’t coming together.
  3. Which leads me to the next crucial point—get some training. The saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know,” is evident here. What you don’t know can truly hurt you. And in this case, financially. Knowing what to buy, or what not. There are scammers everywhere trying to take your hard earned money (take a look at the Top 20 Seminar Scams here). Why give them the advantage by not knowing what you’re doing?

Overall, these are the top three suggestions and top three key elements to help you grow your business as a newbie in this industry. If you’d like to learn, be sure to check out our in depth training on Internet marketing at our school.


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Blogging Tips – Be Yourself

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Blogging is the hottest trend to hit the Internet in years. Nearly 65% of people who read or get information online use blogs to get the information. Why? Because blogs are fun, personal and always fresh. If you look at ESPN for example, they link to many reporter blog posts that talk candidly about the week’s sports news. If you visit to read the latest tech news, it’s usually in the form of a blog post. Blogging is filled with variety and interaction. Often, the comments readers leave are more informative and entertaining than the original post itself. This only adds more fun and excitement to the post, making blogging more popular than ever.

If you are a business owner or are helping someone with their blogging duties, it can be a chore to think of something to say everyday. Here is a hint to better blogging: Be yourself and be personal. Being candid creates a rapport with your reader and makes it easier to think of things to write about. Even if no real news has come out about your industry lately, there are still opinions and thoughts to put on paper, so to speak. Whether those thoughts and opinions are your own or someone else’s, it’s often not too difficult to stir up the pot a little and get a conversation going. Reading an ongoing dialogue between a number of ‘experts’ is what brings your readers back to the blog over and over again. Repeat visitors is what the search engines love.

I see far too many blogs that are very ‘clinical’ in nature: they are just spouting boring facts or re-hashing the news of the day. That’s not what people want to read. There are millions of blogs to compete with – you can’t be boring and expect results. The more personalized the post and the more candid your writing becomes, the more interactive and fun the blog becomes for your readers. Fun blogs make money.

Use your blog as a daily diary.That’s what they were originally intended for anyway, but it seems that most bloggers have lost their way. Learn to ‘lighten’ up your writing by being yourself… and watch the results roll in!

Do you have what it takes to be a professional blogger?

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Yes. Almost everyone is familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. A majority of us are on these sites daily having fun and making friends. For business however, it’s serious business. Companies large and small are spending time and money on social media marketing, even in the face of declining budgets for television, newspapers and other traditional media. Why? Because social networks are where the customers are. People log in to their Facebook accounts nearly everyday if not more. They are there when they are looking for friends, looking for information and even when they are looking for something to eat or someplace to go see a band. Marketing on social networks is dynamic: businesses can deliver specials, coupons and hours of operation. Fans can get instant updates as to what tonight’s special dish is, what products are on sale and even what other customers are saying about the business.

Look around and take notice: just how many businesses are NOT using social media to reach out to their customers? Very few.  And who is running these campaigns and managing the day-to-day updates and operations that keep the message flowing smoothly? Internet Marketers. People who know more than just posting and sharing photos. You have to know what to say to your fans and when to say it. You have to know how to ‘push their buttons’ so they act on your message. In most regards it’s similar to traditional advertising, just more far-reaching and much more cost-effective.

Why is that important to you? Because this is a seriously in-demand career with a lot of benefit. Companies are realizing very quickly that there is a large gap between their growing demand and skilled employees that know how to do it right. The ball is in your court. In an era where many jobs are being outsourced or eliminated completely, Internet Marketing will continue to grow. At the Internet Marketing Training Center, we teach the skills that you need to make a career like this for yourself. Maybe you didn’t realize that making a great living was possible with something fun like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin? Well, now you do…

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Building a Better Website

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Let’s dive into a little “theory” today.

I’m not talking about websites that sell. There are whole courses on that. I’m talking about the basic concepts you need on a website so that people aren’t going to think you’re a fly-by-night crook.

“Let’s See Some ID please…..”

I’m talking branding. When you do business with people, you don’t want to do business from the shadows, or from behind a mask, so put your “business face” forward. If you aren’t in the market for a logo, you should at the very least get a designed header on your website. This will be the main graphic at the top of each page as people navigate through your pages. Why? Well, first of all, it let’s them know “who” you are or what you are selling—or talking about. And having a header across all your pages allows them to be grouped together and identified as being together. This is important if you use a shopping cart “service”.  A shopping cart that is “linked” to your pages but actually secured on a different site.  (, You can customize these pages so that they have a similar look at feel—you don’t want anyone to bolt because the look of the site suddenly changed.  They might feel like they have left your site, or something fishy happened. We definitely don’t want to scare off a sale.

“Can You Tell Me How to Get…….”

Navigation.  People will be literally LOST on your website without an easily identifiable navigation area.  Try not to re-invent the wheel here.  A basic text menu is great for getting people around.  Try to stick to one or two words.  If you are trying to get a “phrase” up in the navigation menu, you really need to rethink what you are trying to do with the page.  And make sure people can find the important stuff if it’s not ALL up in the navigation bar.  It has become customary to find vital information down at the bottom of the site.  Typically, on each page.  Sometimes this is the main navigation bar with some additional navigation to disclaimer information, privacy policies, contact information, refund info, etc.  We as a culture have grown to expect a “disclaim” near the bottom of the page.  Think of any car ad.  Furniture sales.  Electronics. Special sales.  All of them have it.

Your main navigation should consist of “Home”, “Contact”, “Products / Catalog”, “About”.  This is really where you get to structure the site.  Freebies?  You want them at least near the navigation if not IN the navigation. (And it should stand apart…. you want people to notice this section.) Do you have articles?  Members only login?  These need to be accessible in the navigation portion of your site/page.

“Headlines and Subheads”

Make sure page is “skim” friendly.  If you are breaking any sort of information down, it should be structured so that people know exactly when they are hitting a new block of information. Headlines should be large blocks of information subheads should be larger than the body copy and distinctly informative, short, and to the point.  They really shouldn’t break on another line.  You can use subheads to break a timeline or to change topics.

“Promotion and Standout Information”

Sidebars serve several functions.  One is to break the ledge of the legible copy.  If the copy were too wide, it would be difficult to focus on making reading difficult. It creates a logical break and some interest in the shape of the site.

It also provides a very strong area to callout information or promote and market your information and products, or someone ELSE’S information and products—ad space.  Typically, you won’t be having revenue generating space until you have a decent amount of specific traffic, then you can start to solicit advertisers.  But don’t let that stop YOU from using that space.  It is prime real estate.  You can use it to draw attention to specific information.  You can change the information PER PAGE if you want.  This sidebar—near the top—has been an important position for opt-in boxes and freebies.  A perfect way to capture interest and build your potential customer database.

“Keep It Simple, Keep It Clean”

These aren’t difficult ideas to put in place.  They will keep your site looking clean and easy to get around.  Image goes a long way in business.  Think about the places you shop.  They are all organized (the mall has a directory), with products neatly and visibly on shelves.  Information is king, but people have to be able to find it.  Now…. to tackle my desk….

Don’t know how to build a website? Check out the Internet Marketing Training Center to start a career on the Internet. Build websites, market and promote products all over the Internet.  Create your own products so that you can create your own income!

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2012 will be a lot like 2011 in terms of business practices. Retail, manufacturing and service oriented companies will be scaling down expenses and offering various new services that can be accessed in alternative ways. Doing business as usual is over. Many companies will be turning to the web to increase revenues and cut costs in advertising. The Internet gives businesses a cost effective way to reach their target market over traditional marketing channels. The ever-present issue with the web is finding enough skilled employees that not only know how to work with the new technology, but are able to keep up with emerging trends that may be the ‘next big thing’ and how to leverage those technologies with their business.

Failed attempts to keep on top of the ever changing Internet landscape have left companies high-and-dry in terms of using these new techniques to make sales and build profits. Outsourcing these marketing techniques have left businesses weak and behind the times, or at best, not taking full advantage of the technology available to them. The solution is an educated workforce. One that understands how the technology works on a basic level and how to affect the buying public’s decision making process. Social media, interactive video and user-friendly apps and website experiences are just the tip of the iceberg. Acquiring the skill set to manage this kind of marketing is only a click away.  

What talents do you possess? How can use the gap between supply and demand to carve out a new career for yourself? At the Internet Marketing Training Center, we are searching everyday for the most up-to-date skills that employers don’t even know they need and arming our students with the know-how that makes them valuable… ahead of their time.

But time will catch up. When businesses raise their voices to make the plea for competent workers, IMTC grads will be there to answer the call.

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Are you thinking of changing your job next year? Or even switching careers completely? Before you make a move, research carefully what skills employers will be looking for over the next couple of years.

Of the highest in-demand skills for 2012: computers, the Internet and information marketing. All the skills we teach at the Internet Marketing Training Center. Here at IMTCVA, we know that marketing on the Internet: blogging, website design, online video, e-commerce and more, will be growing each and every year. Businesses look towards Internet Marketing as a cost-effective and powerful way to reach their customers. Compared to traditional marketing: television, radio and print, the Internet gives companies a huge advantage of reach without blowing out their budgets.

The problem with marketing on the Internet is that businesses are having a hard time finding enough qualified people to do the work. Internet marketing is relatively new. Because of that, few people possess the exact skills and training to do the job. What that means for the ones who know how to do it is a huge in-demand skill set. You could even work for a number of businesses from the comfort of your own home. That’s what we call a “virtual assistant” and there is no shortage of work for those who know how to do it. In fact, we believe that “virtual” jobs and “tele-commuting” is the wave of the future.

Where can you learn everything you’ll need to know to be in high demand? Well, right here of course. Check out or free downloadable career guide and list of the classes we teach. You’ll be glad you did.

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Video marketing is one of the hottest new options when it comes to promoting your products and services. Over time, video will become an even larger tool for small and large businesses alike. Any time video marketing is mentioned, talk of YouTube comes up as an obvious leader for potential customers. YouTube’s viewership is the largest of any of the video sharing sites and it’s also the second largest search engine right behind Google (which owns YouTube).  Keeping up with the many changes and features YouTube implements is an extremely important aspect of using this valuable tool as best as you can. One of the best resources to stay up to date with what YouTube does is the YouTube Blog. The YouTube Blog is updated almost daily with the newest features, options, and tools that YouTube wants to highlight. Not only is the YouTube Blog important for updates regarding the site itself, it also emphasizes new videos, trends, and topics that you may be able to capitalize on for your own business.

Be sure to check out the YouTube Blog.

Integrate video with all of your other Internet marketing techniques.

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Did you know you can make a generous living selling other people’s products from your home computer? At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to your own home based business. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

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Are you a realtor who wants to make a career change or even earn extra money? Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

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You hear thousands of commercials and get inundated daily with email ads about starting your own online business. Yes. There is a lot of money available to make online. It is the new frontier of business and advertising, especially geared towards people just starting out in their own business or work from home venture. The reason is the affordability. Compared to opening your own physical retail store, the investment of which is far out of the reach of average people, the Internet provides a low-cost alternative to any traditional business venture.

That’s not where most Internet businesses fail, however. The problem is with people buying into work at home programs without the proper training in running an online business.  Regardless of what some work at home program touts, it takes a degree of skill to effectively sell products and services to others online. If you have purchased work at home programs before and have been disappointed with the results, there were probably fundamental skills missing that would have helped you succeed.

These are the skills that the Internet Marketing Training Center teaches:

* Using videos to brand your business

* Using social networking to inexpensively reach millions of your potential customers

* Writing effective web copy to motivate viewers to buy

* Using an e-commerce system to seamlessly deliver your products

* Interactive marketing using autoresponders, blogs, forums and newsletters

Very few, if any, work at home programs teach you fundamental marketing skills. That’s why so many people fail. If you are really serious about starting (and succeeding) in an online business or just want to get a job working for someone else, IMTC has the skills you need. Come check out our site and see what we mean.

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