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Are you thinking of changing your job next year? Or even switching careers completely? Before you make a move, research carefully what skills employers will be looking for over the next couple of years.

Of the highest in-demand skills for 2012: computers, the Internet and information marketing. All the skills we teach at the Internet Marketing Training Center. Here at IMTCVA, we know that marketing on the Internet: blogging, website design, online video, e-commerce and more, will be growing each and every year. Businesses look towards Internet Marketing as a cost-effective and powerful way to reach their customers. Compared to traditional marketing: television, radio and print, the Internet gives companies a huge advantage of reach without blowing out their budgets.

The problem with marketing on the Internet is that businesses are having a hard time finding enough qualified people to do the work. Internet marketing is relatively new. Because of that, few people possess the exact skills and training to do the job. What that means for the ones who know how to do it is a huge in-demand skill set. You could even work for a number of businesses from the comfort of your own home. That’s what we call a “virtual assistant” and there is no shortage of work for those who know how to do it. In fact, we believe that “virtual” jobs and “tele-commuting” is the wave of the future.

Where can you learn everything you’ll need to know to be in high demand? Well, right here of course. Check out or free downloadable career guide and list of the classes we teach. You’ll be glad you did.

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Financial Perks Working from Home

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We all have had the tough economy affect our lives in one way or another.  Maybe you should consider a new career in Internet Marketing.  You can work from home.  Did you ever think about how working from home can SAVE you MONEY?!  Think about a few things….

1.  Save money on the ever increasing price of gas.  Commuting back and forth costs money.  I just filled up my tank..$70…ouch!.

2.  Save money on eating out.  If you eat out at lunch, that gets expensive.  Not to mention trips for coffee, snacks, etc.  You can eat at home and you will probably eat healthier too!

3.  Save money on clothes.  From home, you can work in your pajamas!  No need to run out and buy “office attire”.

4.  Save money on child care.  The current cost of keeping a child in day care is crazy!  Work from home and you can eliminate that cost entirely.  And you will have more one on one time with your children.  You can even eat lunch together!

What other profession can save you money and has potential to help you earn more money than ever?  That’s right….Internet Marketing.  The best place to learn the skills you need to be successful on the Internet is IMTC.  Check us out!

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If you’re looking for information on career choices for stay at home moms, you’ve come to the right place. This tough economy is forcing us to make difficult decisions about our careers and our families. Some us have to choose between leaving our children at expensive day care or joining the workforce to help pay the bills. But there is another choice: one offered by the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia.


Have you heard of Internet Marketing?It’s specialized training in blogging, ecommerce, social networking, website maintenance, writing for the web and more. Businesses large and small need competent marketers to help manage their website operations. It’s easy to learn and you can work from home and make a good living doing it.

In as little as six months, you could be on your way to a new career where you don’t have to make the hard choices of where to put your children. They could stay home with you while you help build wealth for a company or yourself. Visit: and download our free career guide that will explain just how easy it is to work from home.

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A mid-life career change can be a scary thing if you’re not sure what to expect. I’ve been there myself. After 25 years in the gift-ware industry, I retired to look for a new career. I turned to something completely different, yet unique and valuable for the times we live in: Internet Marketing.

When I first graduated college and started my first career, there was no Internet. This is a new and viable career that is growing by leaps and bounds everyday, yet still in its infancy, to assure that it will see enormous growth without overcrowding. This is the perfect time for a career such as this.

If you love blogging, social networking, ecommerce, online videos and search engines, there is money to be made in every one of these fields. And you are never too old to learn a trade like this. Unlike some new careers, mid-life people have to watch that a new job doesn’t entail much physical activity. High stress careers such as law or medicine and high activity jobs such as the Postal service, would be out of the question for folk over 45. Marketing and the Internet are perfect choices for mature individuals who have an entire lifetime of knowledge to contribute.

Check us out to see if this is the career for you!

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Laid Off? Looking For A New Career?

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This is a tough economy and everyone knows it. I’m sure you know someone who has lost their job, or it can even be you who has. We know how tough it can be to get back on your feet again, but sometimes being forced to change careers can be a Godsend. You could have a chance at a completely different career: one that is in high demand and not being outsourced overseas. One that is growing everyday and exciting to work at.

Internet marketing is one of the fastest growing career fields on the job market today.Companies large and small need skilled people just like you to help run their ecommerce and websites. Every business has a website these days just to keep up on the competition. What they don’t have, is enough people with the special training to keep their operations running smoothly.

This may be the career for you. If you have lost your job, what do you have to lose? You can create your own home-based business or get a high paying  job with a company that needs you now… or both! Check out all we have to offer and see whether Internet marketing is right for you!

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No matter what kind of business you have, or whether you haven’t started a business before, writing a how-to book based on something you know can make a good income for you or your family. How-to books are easy to write and very much in demand. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be signed to a major publishing firm to print and sell books. Self publishing is a the rage. For a very small investment you can have a service such as CreateSpace (owned by Amazon) print your book for you. You can order as little as 1 copy to as many as 10,000. Even if you don’t have a website of your own, CreateSpace can advertise your book for you, process the order and even ship the book to your customer… you don’t have to do a think. They will send you a check when you sell a book.

This can be great for extra money for you and your family. Or it can elevate you to an expert in your field if you work in a professional atmosphere. A book is a tremendous boost to your life and career. Here at the IMTC, we can show you everything you need to know to market your how-to book for success, or teach you to show others how to do it.

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What kind of buttons? These are the buttons you see all the time on people’s websites saying “Digg This”, “Follow me on Twitter” and “Join Me On Facebook.”

Where do people get these buttons? How can they help your online business?

On most social networks, social bookmarking sites and microblogging sites like Twitter, you can find a link that will say “Tools and widgets.” On these pages the website provides the codes that you simply copy and paste into your website or blog. They will give you a number of options on what kind of graphics or button styles to choose from. These are direct links to your particular accounts that your friends and followers can visit in one click.

A widget is even better. It will show your tweets, facebook friends and updates and even your published articles on in real time. As your social sites are updated, they refresh automatically. And they are not complicated to install. It is simply a code to copy and paste that the site provides for you.

If you want to get really fancy, you can create a graphic in Photoshop with your company logo, and just embed a link to your profile in the image. This is a lot easier than it sounds and helps with branding, especially with Facebook Fan Pages.

How can this help your business? Easy.

These widgets and buttons help drive traffic to your accounts. Your visitors can stay updated on all of your tweets, articles and videos in one glance. The button helps you get valuable “diggs” on submitted websites. Your friends may not even be aware that you have an account at a particular service and now they can network with you further by clicking straight out to your profile and becoming friends. You can build up Twitter followers with your “follow me” button without having to search and follow other people first. These buttons are meant to make your social networking easier. Time is valuable. Use these fun applications to network with others without being online all the time.

Click on these to see how they work!

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Video has become so easy and so inexpensive to produce for the web, small companies now have the advantage that used to only belong to large corporations in terms of exposure to the public. Not long ago, before the web, you only saw video media on television. Television advertising is so expensive that only the big companies had the money to make commercials. That left out millions of small businesses that could have made an impact of the public if only they had the budget. A great commercial or promotional campaign could have been the turning point for many of these small businesses in growth and profitability. It was a game they could not afford to play….

But no longer.The Internet has opened up the possibilities and access to the public like never before. Online video is the key to small business success on the Internet. In fact, online video is reaching more people than even television due to mobile devices… people can watch their favorite shows, commercials and all, while they are doing other things. A small pizza shop now has just as much access to the general public as a major company. In this regard, small businesses are looking for staff that can manage their online video needs.

At the Internet Marketing Training Center, you can learn everything you need to know about online video, hosting, sharing, web page design and social networking skills to take any company to the next level of business, whether it’s your company or someone else’s. Find out how easy it can be to get started!

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It is time for a change

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Are you struggling in this tough economy?  Are you stuck at a dead end job?  Do you want to become more valuable to your current employer?  Do you want the financial and lifestyle freedom that you have always dreamed about?

Internet Marketing Training Center is the answer.  We have created an awesome Internet marketing school, the first ever in the world.  All course material is under the strict guidelines of Internet marketing master Tom Antion.  Go ahead, Google him, you will see!

This is a great time of year to make a change.  The Internet is everywhere.  With the right training you could be on your way to a better life for you and your family.  Look into IMTC!

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Are you ready?!

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The first semester at IMTC will be open any day now for online enrollment!  Now is the time to make that career change or improve your skills for your current employer.

We are so excited to finally be ready for enrollment.  There has been so much planning, labor and hard work gone into IMTC already and we have just begun.  We can’t wait to get you started!

Feel free to call us at 757-687-5190 or send an email to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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