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34876974If you were to ask me a decade ago, “Do you think the Internet is here to stay?” I would have given you the same answer I’m still sharing with people across the world—HECK YEAH! The Internet is only gaining momentum. What we could only imagine years ago, is here at our finger tips. Just think—Skype, Google Hangouts, Periscope—technological devices that were only seen in futuristic movies, have hit our world. If you haven’t already gotten aboard, you’re missing out. Statistically, let me share with you what’s been happening.

In 2011, it was estimated that about $35.6 billion was spent on self-paced eLearning across the globe. Today, e-Learning is a $56.2 billion industry, and it’s going to double by 2015.”

If you didn’t get excited about those statistics, or saw yourself fitting into the grand scheme of things, don’t worry, our school helps you to filter those “far out dreams” into realistic opportunities. We’ve worked with authors, entrepreneurs, marketers, psychics, public speakers, energy healers, and more. So, when I tell you, you can make a living online—trust my word.

The main thing you have to focus on, though, if you decide to venture off into online marketing, is having a strong solid foundation and a clear direction of where you’re going. As we shared in the title, the Internet is the tidal wave of the future, it can become a bit bumpy along the way. Therefore, you must equip yourself for the journey. One of the smartest steps anyone can take, become educated. There are loads of great opportunities that await, but at times, you can become so overwhelmed with the newest, shiniest objects that will deter your focus.

Where do you want to be? Wherever you see yourself, become educated and go for it!


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Many people dream of working from home and making money on the internet, Who can blame them?  There is a lot of money to be made on the internet and you are reading this because you want to learn how.

Many successful internet marketers encourage having multiple streams of income. Some of the most popular ways to create multiple streams of income are:

  • Mentoring or consulting
  • Selling products through affiliate links
  • Create a unique product
  • Build a membership site
  • Educational telesiminars
  • eBooks

Here at IMTC we stress the importance of creating multiple streams of income and creating products that you can get paid for over and over again. You want to always have money coming in even when you are not actively “working.”  Working from home can give you flexibility with your lifestyle, let’s say you decide to take a break and go on a vacation.  While you are relaxing you can always have money  coming in from different products or services. Diversifying your business will produce positive results because you will connect to each customer how ever they prefer.

If you are ready to take your career or business to the next level and discover the most up to date tips, visit the site


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Blogging Tips – Be Yourself

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Blogging is the hottest trend to hit the Internet in years. Nearly 65% of people who read or get information online use blogs to get the information. Why? Because blogs are fun, personal and always fresh. If you look at ESPN for example, they link to many reporter blog posts that talk candidly about the week’s sports news. If you visit to read the latest tech news, it’s usually in the form of a blog post. Blogging is filled with variety and interaction. Often, the comments readers leave are more informative and entertaining than the original post itself. This only adds more fun and excitement to the post, making blogging more popular than ever.

If you are a business owner or are helping someone with their blogging duties, it can be a chore to think of something to say everyday. Here is a hint to better blogging: Be yourself and be personal. Being candid creates a rapport with your reader and makes it easier to think of things to write about. Even if no real news has come out about your industry lately, there are still opinions and thoughts to put on paper, so to speak. Whether those thoughts and opinions are your own or someone else’s, it’s often not too difficult to stir up the pot a little and get a conversation going. Reading an ongoing dialogue between a number of ‘experts’ is what brings your readers back to the blog over and over again. Repeat visitors is what the search engines love.

I see far too many blogs that are very ‘clinical’ in nature: they are just spouting boring facts or re-hashing the news of the day. That’s not what people want to read. There are millions of blogs to compete with – you can’t be boring and expect results. The more personalized the post and the more candid your writing becomes, the more interactive and fun the blog becomes for your readers. Fun blogs make money.

Use your blog as a daily diary.That’s what they were originally intended for anyway, but it seems that most bloggers have lost their way. Learn to ‘lighten’ up your writing by being yourself… and watch the results roll in!

Do you have what it takes to be a professional blogger?

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You hear thousands of commercials and get inundated daily with email ads about starting your own online business. Yes. There is a lot of money available to make online. It is the new frontier of business and advertising, especially geared towards people just starting out in their own business or work from home venture. The reason is the affordability. Compared to opening your own physical retail store, the investment of which is far out of the reach of average people, the Internet provides a low-cost alternative to any traditional business venture.

That’s not where most Internet businesses fail, however. The problem is with people buying into work at home programs without the proper training in running an online business.  Regardless of what some work at home program touts, it takes a degree of skill to effectively sell products and services to others online. If you have purchased work at home programs before and have been disappointed with the results, there were probably fundamental skills missing that would have helped you succeed.

These are the skills that the Internet Marketing Training Center teaches:

* Using videos to brand your business

* Using social networking to inexpensively reach millions of your potential customers

* Writing effective web copy to motivate viewers to buy

* Using an e-commerce system to seamlessly deliver your products

* Interactive marketing using autoresponders, blogs, forums and newsletters

Very few, if any, work at home programs teach you fundamental marketing skills. That’s why so many people fail. If you are really serious about starting (and succeeding) in an online business or just want to get a job working for someone else, IMTC has the skills you need. Come check out our site and see what we mean.

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When posting to your blog, don’t forget to put a clickable link towards the bottom of the post with a call to action. This call to action can be a text link saying for example:

* Change Your Life. Free Info!
* Get Your Free “Killer Website Designs” Ebook!
* Make $5000 Every Time You Speak!
* Learn The 7 Steps To Leadership Success!
* Find Love In 90 days Or Less!

or any call to action that relates to your business. The point is, your blog post is full of great content. Reward your reader with additional content such as a free white paper, report or special training that they will reward you back with by leaving their email or buying a product. You should at least get the visitors email to build your database, so that you can market to them throughout the year.

What happens if there is no call to action link? The reader may read a few of the posts, get reminded of something they read somewhere else and disappear. What about your opt-in box at the top of your blog? As they scroll down to read additional posts, that box disappears from their line of sight, and they may forget all about it. Those opt-in boxes at the top right corner of your blog are notoriously weak for sign ups. A link to a “freebie” or further training embedded in the post, while they are still engaged in the material they are reading, is far more effective.

Don’t let the reader get away without giving you their email address. It takes alot of work to get them to your blog in the first place. The blog is not the “end point” of your marketing, your opt-in or sales letter is. The blog creates interest in your business or service, and quality posts can entice the reader to make a further decision or conversion. Not only that, the search engines love “anchor text” or clickable links made of keywords. Don’t leave links that just have your URL or “click here.” Use a strong call to action and reward your reader with addtional quality info and they will give you something in return.

Start your life changing education right now! (See how we did that?!)

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The economy is recovering, but slowly. Many companies are looking for permanent solutions to cutting costs just to stay afloat and survive any other troubles in the future. Outsourcing is one solution that many are turning to, but the choices are limited. If companies could choose between outsourcing overseas or working with someone in their own backyard, what do you think they would prefer?  

Outsourcing labor is a great choice for today’s businesses. It saves them a ton of money on equipment, electric bills, vacations and benefits. Expansion during the economic recovery time is easier when a company can add workers one at a time without a major outlay of cash to get set up.  That’s where a career that can be performed at home is most valuable — to them and yourself.

Internet marketing is a growing career that’s in demand more and more. As companies weigh the best possible return on their investments, web based advertising and mobile advertising rises to the top of the list. And internet marketing is one of the easiest jobs that you can perform at home.  Almost everyone has a computer and an internet connection. That’s all you need to manage a company’s website, social networking profiles, video marketing, blogs, articles, pay-per-click ads and much more.

Where can you learn everything you need to know about a career in internet marketing and working from home? At the Internet Marketing Training Center. Get a free career guide that will explain it all. Become the new, in-demand worker for the 21st century!

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As American companies look for traction in this slow-motion economic recovery, the market for marketers is back. And although these employers’ marketing needs are more diverse than ever, their marketing budgets are trim.

“So many companies are operating lean in marketing right now,” says Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group, a recruiter of interactive design and marketing professionals based in Menlo Park, California. “Professionals who have a depth and breadth to their experience — they rule right now.” Several marketing careers beckon in 2011, from social media marketing and event marketing to sports marketing jobs.

Social media is all the rage, and even if you’re seeking a traditional marketing job in a conventional industry, you’ve got to have some of the right digital stuff. “About 90 percent of marketing openings are still traditional, but the people competing for them have to understand how the emerging technologies merge with the traditional ones,” says Larry Chiagouris, a professor of marketing at Pace University in New York City.

Social Media Coordinator

“People in these marketing jobs look at Facebook and respond in the name of the company and of the brand,” Chiagouris says. But that’s just the beginning. Because this is the in-the-trenches job of the social media revolution, these go-getters are not just monitoring and measuring activity around the company brand, but also doing lots of posting themselves. They may even launch and manage social campaigns as they build bases of fans and Twitter followers. At larger companies, the social media coordinator may outsource the bulk of posting. Social media savvy, an intuitive understanding of metrics and an evangelistic attitude are the chief job requirements. Related marketing jobs: social media director, social media marketing manager.

Find out how IMTC can help you learn a skill like this!

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The Internet has opened up so many new opportunities you can’t count them all. From the way we communicate to the way we shop to the new ways we find information, the web has made our lives so much easier. Getting an online education is a great way to learn a new skill. One that we can fit into our busy schedule, no matter what kinds of obligations we have.

 At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, we teach dedicated classes in Internet Marketing 100% online. This makes it easy for anyone to get the quality education they need, fast and inexpensively. Imagine learning the skills of blogging, social networking, web design, search engine optimization and more, all from the convenience of your home computer.

Perfect for stay at home moms, full time employees or just someone who lives in a rural area, too far from a traditional school, online education gives you the freedom to improve your life through a new and exciting career. Visit to learn more about us and download our free career brochure to find out if Internet Marketing is right for you.

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If you’re looking for information on career choices for stay at home moms, you’ve come to the right place. This tough economy is forcing us to make difficult decisions about our careers and our families. Some us have to choose between leaving our children at expensive day care or joining the workforce to help pay the bills. But there is another choice: one offered by the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia.


Have you heard of Internet Marketing?It’s specialized training in blogging, ecommerce, social networking, website maintenance, writing for the web and more. Businesses large and small need competent marketers to help manage their website operations. It’s easy to learn and you can work from home and make a good living doing it.

In as little as six months, you could be on your way to a new career where you don’t have to make the hard choices of where to put your children. They could stay home with you while you help build wealth for a company or yourself. Visit: and download our free career guide that will explain just how easy it is to work from home.

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What is ecommerce? It’s the new economy, the way we purchase online and the fastest growing sector of
marketing. It includes online shopping cart systems, website design, customer service applications,
copywriting and more. If you’re here looking for information on a career in ecommerce, you’re at the right

At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia,we teach the up-to-date ecommerce skills that
employers are looking for right now. You can even use the training we teach to start your own business
online. Either way, ecommerce is the business wave of the future and you want to be apart of it. At IMTC,
you can get a certificate in Internet marketing in as little as six months. You could even start making
money on the Internet long before that.

What kinds of things will you learn at IMTC? How about blogging, social media, website creation, merchant
accounts, search engine optimization and a lot more. IMTC is dedicated strictly to Internet Marketing, so
you’ll get the latest information on ecommerce and how to implement it into a business. Companies large
and small need skilled workers right now to manage their website operations. This IS the career for you.
Visit to download our free career guide and read the success stories of people just like you
that are now making a full time living with ecommerce.

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