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YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

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YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

YouTube now provides you with a keyword suggestion tool all of their own. The Keyword Suggestion Tool searches only within YouTube so your results are different than Google’s.

Other than choosing a language and country that keywords are tailored to, YouTube’s keyword suggestion tool consists of three different ways to generate keywords: Descriptive words or phrases, YouTube video id or url, or by Demographics.

The first and default option, ‘Descriptive words or phrases’ lets you enter in a term and it will show related information.

Type in a keyword term or phrase and click the ‘Get keyword ideas’ button. Do not select ‘Don’t show ideas for new keywords’ unless you only want to see how many people are searching for only that one specific term.

Depending on what keyword term or phrase you used, your results may differ from the above example. Here you will see other related terms as well as the monthly search volume and an option to add that term to your Adwords account. There may be terms that have ‘Not Enough Data’ in the monthly search volume as well. This means that there may be searches for these terms but not enough to formulate a number.

That does not mean you should ignore these lower value keywords. This means, it may be easier for you to make videos tailored to these words. Looking at the results should provide you with ideas on tags you can use in your videos as well as ideas and topics for upcoming videos that you create. The more lower valued keywords you can place on the first page (or number 1) spot on YouTube’s search results pages, the more you look like an expert in that field. This builds a relationship with the viewer, thereby increasing the odds that they’ll subscribe to your channel or buy your product.

YouTube video id or url

You can search for keywords that are related to any video on YouTube. Just copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it into the correct field. Click ‘Get keyword ideas’ and look at your results.

This is very handy when you want to look at your competition’s tags. You can copy these tags and paste them in your videos to better optimize for SEO.

The third option is to search by demographics.

You can search by gender, min age/max age, by country, and by interests.

Searching by interest lets you choose categories or subcategories. Add these to the ‘Selected interests’ window and then click ‘Get keyword ideas’. These keyword ideas can then be used to create targeted videos on those subjects.

A good practice would be to use numerous different keyword tools when researching topics for your videos. Never rely on just one keyword tool.

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Are you an author? Do you have your book on Amazon? Simply uploading your book to Amazon is not enough, you need to market it and, more importantly, yourself. Luckily, Amazon makes it easy to do both. Amazon has a separate section for authors to create a profile, here, at Amazon’s Author Central.  Author Central lets you provide information about you, your books, your blog, and so on. Anybody that finds your book on Amazon can access your profile and get more information about you. One nice feature of Amazon’s Author Central is the option to upload a video to your profile. Uploading a video let’s you say a lot more in a lot less. It can provide a face and personality to your potential customers and is a great way to promote any of your books, or even an upcoming one. It doesn’t seem too many authors are using this feature yet, which could be a good thing. Amazon is always looking for people that use it’s avenues to the fullest, so they may help you out if you have a video on your profile.

There is, however, one thing I wish Amazon would fix. It would be nice if they provided the option to use a YouTube code for the video. As of right now, they only let you upload a file, no YouTube links. Hopefully, when more people upload videos, Amazon will open up this option.

If you do have a book, you need to market it. Get all the information and training you need to market your book online here.

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Video marketing is one of the hottest new options when it comes to promoting your products and services. Over time, video will become an even larger tool for small and large businesses alike. Any time video marketing is mentioned, talk of YouTube comes up as an obvious leader for potential customers. YouTube’s viewership is the largest of any of the video sharing sites and it’s also the second largest search engine right behind Google (which owns YouTube).  Keeping up with the many changes and features YouTube implements is an extremely important aspect of using this valuable tool as best as you can. One of the best resources to stay up to date with what YouTube does is the YouTube Blog. The YouTube Blog is updated almost daily with the newest features, options, and tools that YouTube wants to highlight. Not only is the YouTube Blog important for updates regarding the site itself, it also emphasizes new videos, trends, and topics that you may be able to capitalize on for your own business.

Be sure to check out the YouTube Blog.

Integrate video with all of your other Internet marketing techniques.

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If you are an author, you know how hard it is to market your book. One interesting technique that seems to be taking of is to use video and the power of the Internet to promote your book for you. What a lot of authors are doing is they are creating video book trailers. Just like movie trailers that show clips of what the movie is about, book trailers do the same thing. Book trailers can simply be still images set to music. Add a little text to the video and you’re done. Video trailers can be used to introduce characters in the book, summarize the plot, or even promote the upcoming launch date. That’s right, not only are authors using video trailers to market books they’ve already written, they are also promoting books they haven’t finished yet. This way, video trailers help produce buzz for a book. Any time you start getting buzz for a book you haven’t yet finished, it pushes you to keep going and get that new book finished. Also, you can get a feel for how many sales you will get after you launch.

But, video book trailers need to be found online for potential customers to find. This requires Internet marketing knowledge. A lot of questionable Internet marketing techniques can be found online with a lot of searching done on your part. Or you can get certified from the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. Not only does IMTC give you the most focused education on Internet marketing around, but it provides you with a certificate you can use to get a job with any number of businesses that need Internet marketing done for them. Also, you can take the knowledge you now have and market your books or any number of goods and services online. And all of this can be accomplished in as little as six months.

So what are you waiting for? Start using every option to market your book, right now.

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Video marketing is one of the newest and most powerful methods to market your services and products online. However, one of the biggest problems with video marketing is the video part. More specifically, creating the video is the hardest part. And it’s not hard to see why, with cameras, lights, microphones, and editing equipment required to make a decent looking video. There are some other options to getting at least some sort of decent video on YouTube that can market for you. All you need is a YouTube account and that’s easy to get. If you have a gmail account then you already have one. Sign in to YouTube and in the upper right corner, click your username and select ‘My Videos’. This will take you to your ‘My Videos & Playlists’ page. Near the top of this page are a couple links such as ‘My Channel’, ‘Video Editor’, ‘Create Video’, etc. Click the ‘Create Videos’ link:

This will take you to the Create Videos page. Here, you will find a list of sites that provide features such as video editing and video creation. GoAnimate is one such service. This is a pay service but they let you try it out for free. This will let let you create at least one free video, and if you like the service you can always pay for more. What’s nice about this service is it will let you enter in any script you want and then put it to an animation they already have created. When you’re finished, they let you upload it to your own YouTube channel. Once the video is on your channel, you can send it to friends via facebook or twitter, embed it on your site, and submit it to social bookmarking sites. Go try it out.

With a video like this, it would help if you knew how to market online in order to take advantage of this powerful medium. A great place to learn how to market online is at the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia. At IMTC you will learn how to market your products and services online and how to use your new video to the most of its potential. In as little as 6 months you can get certified in Internet marketing and start making money online. The best part is, you choose the speed at which you take the classes. It’s all at your own pace.

Here’s an example of a video I made in under 10 minutes:

Start your new career in Internet marketing now.

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YouTube – Always Changing

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Just when you think YouTube is going to stay the same for a while, they go and change it all up on you. Today, I was uploading a new promotional video for IMTC when I found that the upload page is completely revamped. Here is what I saw:

Everything is cleaner with a new look on the upload page. Basically, all of the options are the same except that you can now upload more than one video at a time.

But the changes don’t stop there. Once you choose your file to upload, the video information page has changed as well.

Everything is still available to you as in the old video information page, but now it’s so much nicer looking. Check it out when you get a chance.

Video marketing is an important part of marketing online. Learn the video marketing skills needed to land a great job.

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Video is the hottest thing going on the web. Almost every company, large and small, is using some form on Internet video to sell and promote their products. Not only do they have great videos on their websites, but are also using the powerful free hosting sites such as Youtube to garner traffic to their business.

Not everyone knows how to properly marketing video on the web.For a video to be found in a search engine, the correct keywords need to be placed in the video at strategic locations. This is just a small part of the training you’ll get at IMTC. Businesses need people with these skills to help them with their web promotions.  

If you love online video in any form, this could be a great career for you! Think about how fun and interesting that would be.

Getting the best training is easy at the Internet Marketing Training Center. It’s as simple as downloading your free career guide. 

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YouTube comes out with new options

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Be sure to check out YouTube when you get a chance. They have now changed the ‘As Seen On’ feature. The ‘As Seen On’ feature lets viewers know what websites that particular video is embedded on. This is very helpful for website and blog owners that post video on their sites. YouTube is now helping them get more exposure. The ‘As Seen On’ feature has also moved to just below the view count. This way it’s a lot easier to see.

Another nice new feature is the option to read comments two different ways. Now, you can read comments chronologically or related by thread. The related by thread option lets you read the comments and if somebody response to a comment, it is shown indented under the original comment. This make reading comments easier and help people stay involved with the YouTube community, which always helps keep people engaged and viewing more videos. If you know of any more new features on YouTube, leave a comment.

Learning video marketing and marketing with YouTube is an extremely vital part of promoting your products and services online. Using video is only one part of a smart and focused marketing plan. CLICK HERE to see what else is required for a concise marketing plan.

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Video marketing continues as the go-to technique for businesses large and small who want to make a quick and effective impact on their sales. In fact, a recent University of California study discovered:

– A small business can instantly increase their credibility over 50% in their customers and clients eyes by placing a video on their website.
– A video can give a small business a decisive marketing edge over their competition if their competitors have no videos.
– The marketing message can be communicated and visualized more easily from a video than from the written word.
– A client is more prone to believe video messages over a written one.

That’s because video will give people more opportunities to analyze body language, voice inflection and other physical factors the written word can never convey and as a result proves more convincing and credible. All these facts are not that surprising, why? Because a whole new generation has been raised with online videos. We now have a generation who not only accept video messages, but expect and even demand them. That’s why a business who ignores video marketing will be in danger of playing catch up with their competitors.

Many small, unknown companies have literally leap-frogged over larger, more established competitors because of the power of video marketing. In fact, this may be one of the last frontiers for the little guy to level the playing field with larger competitors. Stories continue to abound of tiny no-name businesses who catapult to fame and fortune because of a well placed marketing video. The good news is, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Video marketing is still in its infancy, that’s why those who can effectively use video messages will reap the largest rewards in the future.

Video marketing is a part of the formula companies who have the competitive edge enjoy now. That’s the quiet secret most companies who effectively use video marketing hope their competitors never find out. Get with the program! Choose Video Marketing for a great career!

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Video sales letters are quick and easy video slideshows that you can use to market your business. Recently, the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia has started implementing the use of video sales letters for marketing the school on Youtube. Why have they done this? For a couple of reasons:

• Ease – Making video sales letters is possibly the easiest video to create

• Speed – Video sales letters don’t take long at all to make. This means we can make a lot of them and get them uploaded fast

• Technicality – Video sales letters don’t require a lot of video knowledge, expensive software, or even a camera to make a successful video

Here is an example of one of the videos we made:

You too, can learn how to make video sales letters, as well as everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Internet marketing at

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