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Many people dream of working from home and making money on the internet, Who can blame them?  There is a lot of money to be made on the internet and you are reading this because you want to learn how.

Many successful internet marketers encourage having multiple streams of income. Some of the most popular ways to create multiple streams of income are:

  • Mentoring or consulting
  • Selling products through affiliate links
  • Create a unique product
  • Build a membership site
  • Educational telesiminars
  • eBooks

Here at IMTC we stress the importance of creating multiple streams of income and creating products that you can get paid for over and over again. You want to always have money coming in even when you are not actively “working.”  Working from home can give you flexibility with your lifestyle, let’s say you decide to take a break and go on a vacation.  While you are relaxing you can always have money  coming in from different products or services. Diversifying your business will produce positive results because you will connect to each customer how ever they prefer.

If you are ready to take your career or business to the next level and discover the most up to date tips, visit the site


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What is ecommerce? It’s the new economy, the way we purchase online and the fastest growing sector of
marketing. It includes online shopping cart systems, website design, customer service applications,
copywriting and more. If you’re here looking for information on a career in ecommerce, you’re at the right

At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia,we teach the up-to-date ecommerce skills that
employers are looking for right now. You can even use the training we teach to start your own business
online. Either way, ecommerce is the business wave of the future and you want to be apart of it. At IMTC,
you can get a certificate in Internet marketing in as little as six months. You could even start making
money on the Internet long before that.

What kinds of things will you learn at IMTC? How about blogging, social media, website creation, merchant
accounts, search engine optimization and a lot more. IMTC is dedicated strictly to Internet Marketing, so
you’ll get the latest information on ecommerce and how to implement it into a business. Companies large
and small need skilled workers right now to manage their website operations. This IS the career for you.
Visit to download our free career guide and read the success stories of people just like you
that are now making a full time living with ecommerce.

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Video has become so easy and so inexpensive to produce for the web, small companies now have the advantage that used to only belong to large corporations in terms of exposure to the public. Not long ago, before the web, you only saw video media on television. Television advertising is so expensive that only the big companies had the money to make commercials. That left out millions of small businesses that could have made an impact of the public if only they had the budget. A great commercial or promotional campaign could have been the turning point for many of these small businesses in growth and profitability. It was a game they could not afford to play….

But no longer.The Internet has opened up the possibilities and access to the public like never before. Online video is the key to small business success on the Internet. In fact, online video is reaching more people than even television due to mobile devices… people can watch their favorite shows, commercials and all, while they are doing other things. A small pizza shop now has just as much access to the general public as a major company. In this regard, small businesses are looking for staff that can manage their online video needs.

At the Internet Marketing Training Center, you can learn everything you need to know about online video, hosting, sharing, web page design and social networking skills to take any company to the next level of business, whether it’s your company or someone else’s. Find out how easy it can be to get started!

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Getting free traffic to your website is easier than you might think! There are so many avenues to traffic that it can feel like your standing in the middle of the highway… the information superhighway that is.

Let’s go over just a few of ways that you can get traffic to website without spending a dime.

* Social networking – we all have heard about this by now. Major sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter provide profiles that are searchable all over the Internet and can contain a number of valuable links to your websites. Over half a billion people are now members of social networking sites and the potential traffic stream is endless.

* Article sites – writing articles not only builds you and your business as the expert, the links you leave in the author’s profile or resource box can help drive heavy traffic to your website from all over the Internet.

* Videos – free hosting sites such as YouTube and Revver not only let your searchers meet you face to face, leaving a link to your website in the profiles and even in the video itself as a watermark can help send valuable prospects your way.

* Leaving your URL in the comments boxes of other peoples blogs, social networking profiles and forums will let people easily click on your site to see what your business is all about.

* Discussion boards – There are hundreds of discussion boards on every subject under the sun all over the Internet. This is a great place not only to leave a link to your site, but also engage other readers and ask or answer questions about a subject that makes you the expert!

* Traffic exchanges – an exchange is a service that lets you click on a certain number of URLs in exchange for others clicking on yours. You can earn credits just by clicking on sites and trade them in for free ad space.

* Free classifieds – search for these free classifieds and you’ll find amazingly that there are quite a few you can utilize. A site like Craigslist is an example.

In the old days of the Internet, you had to rely on getting good search positioning to get any traffic at all. But using these short cuts to driving traffic to your site will accelerate visits and make big potential money.

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Is working for someone else ungratifying?

The World of Work 2010 report from Randstad found that half of all employees feel their skills are underused and around 10% have been forced to take up work that did not make full use of their abilities. People are looking for work outside the job that may better utilize their talents, not just for the extra income but for the satisfaction.

Justin Myers, a freelance editor and consultant, was first pushed to self-employment through redundancy. After taking a few months off to “get his head together”, Justin started freelancing with some shifts at an online newsdesk. Now he’s working on two distinct projects and enjoys the lifestyle.

“Being your boss is a magical feeling; you feel really empowered and I love having responsibility for myself. Additionally, being a consultant, I’ve found that clients really value my opinion and input. I don’t think you get that perceived level of confidence when you’re in a staff job.”

Pursuing employment with online training, whether for yourself or getting a better job elsewhere, starts with a school you can trust. A school with a staff that have  put into place the real world skills that it takes to make money. The Internet Marketing Training Center is the resource you need to make an impact on a tough job market. An impact that you can trust to make your life more fun and interesting….

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Copywriting and Writing For The Web

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Writing for websites, online articles and sales copy is far different than writing for magazines and newspapers.The web is a place where people surf fast for information and make decisions quicker than when they leisurely read print. Web copy is a visual medium, consisting of various colors and font sizes. The nature of computer screens and how our eyes adjust to them have dictated how we write words for websites. Over the course of the short life of the Internet, marketers, designers and writers have experimented with how to make web copy more “readable.” And what they have come up with is a science unto itself.

Along with readability, what we are also doing with web writing is trying to get readers to “click” out on links. The best web copy is usually trying to compel readers to visit another website or get them to buy something. Marketers have experimented with this as well. Web copy should be written to persuade your reader to take action through a psychological process. All of these things can be learned effectively and practiced to perfection.

Who do you trust to teach you this knowledge? The Internet Marketing Training Center has the expert staff that have been writing copy for years. Now they are bringing that knowledge to you. This is the kind of high level training that businesses are looking for or that you can use yourself to write for your own web business.

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Product Creation

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So you have decided to take the plunge and start an online business.   At IMTC, not only will you learn the skills to create a website but you will also learn how to create products to make even more money.

The possibilities are endless.  You can create and sell ebooks, DVDs, CD’s ecourses, webinars and many more.  At IMTC not only will we teach you how to create different products, but how to market them as well.  You will learn how to utilize the Internet and make it work for you.

We are excited about our new school, we are excited to meet our students and we are excited to share our valuable knowledge.  Check out our website:

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Local search has taken the search engines by storm. A huge amount of small businesses including pizza shops, dentists, nightclubs, dry cleaners and car dealerships are now using local search to create a presence on the web. This has taken the place of the Yellow Pages and for good reason. Local search gives you all the tools you need to make a decision about where to purchase, how to get there and even links to the establishment’s website.

Look at the power local search provides you, the customer:

  • Interactive maps and directions from your home.
  • Streetview – see the neighborhood your about to travel to.
  • Reviews of the business.
  • Links to menus, printable coupons and social networking.
  • Get the search results right on your phone.
  • And much more….

As small business grows it’s reach on the web, they will need people who know how to submit and manage their listings. The information has to be updated and fresh for customers to find them. These search engine techniques are not just for large companies anymore. Not having a updated presence on the web can mean lost business. Where will they find the right people to help them manage these tasks?

The Internet Marketing Training Center will help teach the skills that today’s savvy marketers will need to help small business stay ahead. This kind of technology will increase the demand for jobs in Internet marketing management. This is a whole new world opening up right in front of your eyes… are you ready to take it on?

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I’ll bet by now there isn’t anyone on Earth that hasn’t seen a Youtube video.

People watch over 2 billion videos a day on Youtube and every minute over 24 hours of footage is uploaded. Not only is Youtube a fun place to just hang out and watch your favorite vids, it’s a great place to learn stuff. If I want to learn to run a certain software program or even how to repair my car, I search Youtube for the answers. It’s much easier to watch a video than to try and follow along in some document. The people who submit videos to Youtube come from all walks of life and varied age groups including 10 year old kids submitting skateboarding tricks to serious college students making independent films. But one group of video makers are growing faster than all of the rest…. companies.

From Target to Apple to BlendTec, companies large and small are using videos to market their products and services. Videos can create a brand name, answer customer service issues, advertise specials and just plain entertain the millions of people a day watching on Youtube. Video marketing has become one of the most cutting edge and powerful tools in a company’s strategy to advertise themselves and they pay good money to make and market these videos. This opens up a huge opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of a new career field.

If this interests you, you have the whole world in front of you. And a distance learning education school such as IMTC can be the ticket to your new career. We cover all of the practical nuts-and-bolts training for things like video marketing, social media, search engine optimization and tons more. Work for yourself or work for a big company… the choice is yours, but call us to find out just how easy it is to start!

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Marc – the Video Guy – wanted to show you around the school. The building is ready for students and we are almost there as well. Although the school looks empty now, it’s not going to stay that way for long. Be sure to check out what the Internet Marketing Training Center is all about. Take advantage of this great resource and direct your career where you want it to go.

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