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Now that the Super Bowl is over and the winning Packers are headed home, what are you going to do for the rest of the winter? There’s no more football and in most parts of the country it’s still really cold outside. Why don’t you take this time to start your new career in Internet Marketing? By the time the summer is over, you could have a certificate in Internet Marketing. With this certificate, you could start your own business online. You could also work for businesses and corporations that need people to do Internet Marketing for them. The demand for people with Internet Marketing experience is going to continue to grow. Get in on this new career early and you could write your own ticket to do whatever you want.

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One of the great advantages of being an Internet marketer is that you can work from virtually any location around the world.  You may work for an employer in a towering office building or for yourself in the comfort of your own home. I came across a thought-provoking article about the reasons people give for wanting to work from home and decided to share it with our readers. If you are thinking about asking your employer to let you work remotely from home, this article by Sylvie Fortin offers insight into how to present your case.

Great versus Lousy Reasons to Work from Home

By: Sylvie Fortin

Did you know that many people have lousy reasons for wanting to work from home? Believe it or not, these same people are often the ones who fail as telecommuters. If you want to work from home, have you assessed whether your reasons are lousy or great? If not, take a few moments to see some of the most typical Lousy versus Great Reasons for Working from Home and then decide if you’re on the right track or not.

Lousy Reason #1: I want to stay home with my children.

Great Reason #1: I want to be able to be more reliable and work harder for my employer. I have children, so I am realistic enough to realize that working from home late at night, on weekends, and during holidays will make me a more efficient worker than if I had to miss work because of my children. By staying at home to work, I can make up for lost productivity by working off-shifts.

Lousy Reason #2: I don’t like to commute.

Great Reason #2: I would rather spend an extra 1-2 hours a day working, rather than waste time in traffic. During a typical commute to work, a lot of quality work time gets wasted sitting in traffic, when my time would be better spent doing extra work and meeting tight deadlines.

Lousy Reason #3: I want to make my own hours and work when I feel like it.

Great Reason #3: Standard office hours tend to restrict me. My skills are best utilized outside of the ordinary workday and I am most efficient and focused when I have the freedom to work longer hours than the standard office setting allows.

Lousy Reason #4: I hate working with other people.

Great Reason #4: My personal preference when working is to focus on the task at hand. I find the office setting to be too inefficient for me to truly work to my employer’s advantage.

When co-workers spend time chatting and socializing, it interferes with my ability to concentrate and work to my best ability. Although I enjoy socializing, I would prefer to choose my own social situations and leave my friendships outside of the work environment. This, to me, is the best situation for the employers whom I work with, as I am only billing for time spent physically working on tasks, rather than being paid for time spent around the office.

Lousy Reason #5: I want to make a lot of money.

Great Reason #5: I prefer to be compensated for the value of the work I do, rather than restricted to working an 8-hour day. In order for me to truly explore all my talents and expand my financial status, I recognize that I will need to work on many different projects and work with many different clients. This is my best possible opportunity to expand my skills and explore all the different career paths I would like to pursue.

Lousy Reason #6: I don’t want to work for a dumb boss.

Great Reason #6: In today’s tough economy, working for a single employer is not as secure as it once was believed. Providing my specialized skills to a number of clients at a time allows me to enjoy greater financial stability, because I am less concerned about losing any one particular job.

I do recognize, however, that each of my clients are my bosses. I simply choose to work for many bosses, rather than just one.

Although I have my own business and can choose my clients, I recognize the importance of treating each of my clients with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. This is critical to my success as an independent contractor. Once you have taken a look at your reasons for becoming a telecommuter, you can better determine whether you’re in it for the right reasons. Some people just aren’t made for working from home. There’s no shame in that reality, but it’s best to find that out before you cause yourself all kinds of anguish and heartache. Good luck in whatever you choose to do from wherever you choose to do it!

This article is excerpted from “You Can Work in Your PJs”, a real world guide to telecommuting.

To learn about a legitimate work-from-home business, visit

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Youtube is the fastest growing video hosting site in the world. The channels that Youtube provides its users can be a powerful marketing tool to show off your brand and help sell your products and services. Channels can easily be customized with special background images of yourself or your logos. You can use the channel to store all of your videos in one place where everyone can see them, make friends, build subscribers and collect comments.

Youtube channels provide clickable links to websites to help drive traffic to your websites from the millions of Youtube visitors each and every day. Businesses large and small are taking advantage of the power of Youtube and of online video. Some brands, such as the floundering Old Spice brand, found new life in comedy skits produced just for Youtube. The videos were so unique and funny that they went “viral,” meaning that people spread them and shared them around like wildfire, resulting in re-vitalized sales and market share for the brand.

Now as a result, many businesses are re-thinking their social networking strategies. And they are looking for people like you. People who know how to make huge strides in online marketing without costing too much. Where do you learn to be a Youtube marketing expert? Right here at the Internet Marketing Training Center. We can teach you to master your dreams….

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Video has become so easy and so inexpensive to produce for the web, small companies now have the advantage that used to only belong to large corporations in terms of exposure to the public. Not long ago, before the web, you only saw video media on television. Television advertising is so expensive that only the big companies had the money to make commercials. That left out millions of small businesses that could have made an impact of the public if only they had the budget. A great commercial or promotional campaign could have been the turning point for many of these small businesses in growth and profitability. It was a game they could not afford to play….

But no longer.The Internet has opened up the possibilities and access to the public like never before. Online video is the key to small business success on the Internet. In fact, online video is reaching more people than even television due to mobile devices… people can watch their favorite shows, commercials and all, while they are doing other things. A small pizza shop now has just as much access to the general public as a major company. In this regard, small businesses are looking for staff that can manage their online video needs.

At the Internet Marketing Training Center, you can learn everything you need to know about online video, hosting, sharing, web page design and social networking skills to take any company to the next level of business, whether it’s your company or someone else’s. Find out how easy it can be to get started!

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It is time for a change

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Are you struggling in this tough economy?  Are you stuck at a dead end job?  Do you want to become more valuable to your current employer?  Do you want the financial and lifestyle freedom that you have always dreamed about?

Internet Marketing Training Center is the answer.  We have created an awesome Internet marketing school, the first ever in the world.  All course material is under the strict guidelines of Internet marketing master Tom Antion.  Go ahead, Google him, you will see!

This is a great time of year to make a change.  The Internet is everywhere.  With the right training you could be on your way to a better life for you and your family.  Look into IMTC!

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Work and Live Anywhere!

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Do you need another good reason to pursue a career in Internet marketing?

How about this.  The Internet is everywhere.  This means that you can live anywhere that you choose.  Internet marketing gives you the freedom to do this.  You do not have a physical store front that you have to worry about.

Would you like to travel and live in Europe for a year?  Or how about going to the Bahamas for the winter?  Do you have a sick relative that needs help for awhile?  Do you miss your kids or grand kids and want to move closer to them?

All of this is possible with Internet marketing.  At IMTC you will receive the training that you need to have this kind of lifestyle.  Check us out!

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Besides the website and product images, there is a core set of processes to an e-commerce system: the shopping cart, the merchant account, and the payment gateway. A good shopping cart will integrate these elements seamlessly for a trouble free selling experience.  The shopping cart takes the orders, the merchant account processes the credit cards and payments and the gateway connects the two together. The shopping cart produces the code for the selling buttons that are placed under each product on the website.

A general understanding of e-commerce will go a long way in ensuring that you will always be ready to go with any new products you develop. It’s not that hard to get a working knowledge of the shopping cart system so you can add and remove products, change prices and descriptions. Shopping carts also have the ability to create upsells, discount coupons, ad tracking and automatically process shipping and handling. To truly reap big profits, your e-commerce system needs to run on automatic… freeing you up to run your business and all the daily tasks you have. Learn to run an e-commerce system of your own…

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Is working for someone else ungratifying?

The World of Work 2010 report from Randstad found that half of all employees feel their skills are underused and around 10% have been forced to take up work that did not make full use of their abilities. People are looking for work outside the job that may better utilize their talents, not just for the extra income but for the satisfaction.

Justin Myers, a freelance editor and consultant, was first pushed to self-employment through redundancy. After taking a few months off to “get his head together”, Justin started freelancing with some shifts at an online newsdesk. Now he’s working on two distinct projects and enjoys the lifestyle.

“Being your boss is a magical feeling; you feel really empowered and I love having responsibility for myself. Additionally, being a consultant, I’ve found that clients really value my opinion and input. I don’t think you get that perceived level of confidence when you’re in a staff job.”

Pursuing employment with online training, whether for yourself or getting a better job elsewhere, starts with a school you can trust. A school with a staff that have  put into place the real world skills that it takes to make money. The Internet Marketing Training Center is the resource you need to make an impact on a tough job market. An impact that you can trust to make your life more fun and interesting….

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Video Marketing – What is it?

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Video marketing consists of posting your videos to sites so people can watch and comment on them. Sites like Facebook, Youtube, Metacafe, Myspace, and many others accept videos. Videos get people to comment and share with their friends, just like they do with comments to posts. All of this sharing and commenting can build connections that in turn will get you customers. Video is a powerhouse when it comes to media marketing.

It contains all the other elements listed above: text, audio, images, and graphics. That makes it very powerful. Also, a lot of people don’t have the skills to create video on their own. This means that there aren’t as many videos on a subject compared to an article on the same subject.

That gives video more value. However, videos are harder to make search engine friendly. Articles are still the easiest for Google to find. But there’s good indication that video may or may not over take articles in the eyes of Google and other search engines in the near future, so getting on the video bandwagon now could be a huge benefit to your career.

With a little training, you could increase your value to a company and increase what you earn. It’s time you took your career to the next level of professionalism. If you are ready to do that, here is the place to start.

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