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YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

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YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool

YouTube now provides you with a keyword suggestion tool all of their own. The Keyword Suggestion Tool searches only within YouTube so your results are different than Google’s.

Other than choosing a language and country that keywords are tailored to, YouTube’s keyword suggestion tool consists of three different ways to generate keywords: Descriptive words or phrases, YouTube video id or url, or by Demographics.

The first and default option, ‘Descriptive words or phrases’ lets you enter in a term and it will show related information.

Type in a keyword term or phrase and click the ‘Get keyword ideas’ button. Do not select ‘Don’t show ideas for new keywords’ unless you only want to see how many people are searching for only that one specific term.

Depending on what keyword term or phrase you used, your results may differ from the above example. Here you will see other related terms as well as the monthly search volume and an option to add that term to your Adwords account. There may be terms that have ‘Not Enough Data’ in the monthly search volume as well. This means that there may be searches for these terms but not enough to formulate a number.

That does not mean you should ignore these lower value keywords. This means, it may be easier for you to make videos tailored to these words. Looking at the results should provide you with ideas on tags you can use in your videos as well as ideas and topics for upcoming videos that you create. The more lower valued keywords you can place on the first page (or number 1) spot on YouTube’s search results pages, the more you look like an expert in that field. This builds a relationship with the viewer, thereby increasing the odds that they’ll subscribe to your channel or buy your product.

YouTube video id or url

You can search for keywords that are related to any video on YouTube. Just copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it into the correct field. Click ‘Get keyword ideas’ and look at your results.

This is very handy when you want to look at your competition’s tags. You can copy these tags and paste them in your videos to better optimize for SEO.

The third option is to search by demographics.

You can search by gender, min age/max age, by country, and by interests.

Searching by interest lets you choose categories or subcategories. Add these to the ‘Selected interests’ window and then click ‘Get keyword ideas’. These keyword ideas can then be used to create targeted videos on those subjects.

A good practice would be to use numerous different keyword tools when researching topics for your videos. Never rely on just one keyword tool.

Learn every skill needed to be self sufficient here.

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Let’s look at an analogy that might help you understand what HTML coding is. Have you ever been to the theatre? What you see on stage is the actors, the furniture, the scenery, etc.

Behind the stage is all the rigging that makes the play work.What you see on stage is analogous to your webpage. What you see behind the stage is analogous to the HTML code. Your browser (most likely Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox) interprets all the crazy looking HTML code from “back stage” and makes it look like a webpage.

So, now that you know what HTML is, let’s look back stage and see how META Tags apply to your site.META Tags are being used less and less, and you certainly shouldn’t depend on them to get high rankings, but you still should have them because they help you control what the search engines results list says about your site when someone does a search for your topic.

If you want to see some samples of META Tags, open a browser (Internet Explorer) and click on “view.” Then click on “source”. A new window will pop up and you can look at all the behind-the-scenes HTML programming of just about any webpage.

Here’s an example of what the META Tags look like:
Sample META Tags

Note: The <TITLE> Tag should be the first thing after the <HEAD> Area of the page and then comes the “description” META Tag and then the “keyword” META Tag.

<TITLE>Customer service training</TITLE>
<META name=“description” content=“Customized customer service training at your location by the person that “wrote the book” on customer retention”>
<META name=“keywords” content=“customer service speaker, training, trainer, client retention”>

Making web pages is pretty easy to do now and you generally don’t have to know much about HTML. However, you do have to go a little bit behind the scenes to learn about META Tags, But you don’t have to go too far because the new web authoring programs help you make the Meta Tags. Also, WordPress has plugins that make META Tags for you.

Interested in learning more?

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Now that the Super Bowl is over and the winning Packers are headed home, what are you going to do for the rest of the winter? There’s no more football and in most parts of the country it’s still really cold outside. Why don’t you take this time to start your new career in Internet Marketing? By the time the summer is over, you could have a certificate in Internet Marketing. With this certificate, you could start your own business online. You could also work for businesses and corporations that need people to do Internet Marketing for them. The demand for people with Internet Marketing experience is going to continue to grow. Get in on this new career early and you could write your own ticket to do whatever you want.

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Running a small business can be challenging enough with the economic situation we face.How far could you grow your business if one of your staff members had the Internet marketing training to create a profitable presence on the web?

A staff member in your organization could skyrocket your business with the knowledge of blogging, article writing, web design, e-commerce, video marketing and online advertising. For a small investment in training, your small business could reach new heights of revenue by tapping into the ever growing marketing that the web provides.

Companies large and small are developing a vast web presence to reach their targeted customers, because that’s where the customers are. Whether they are on their phones, surfing the web at home, hanging out on Facebook or researching information, a business that has an effective web presence gets a larger share of the business than one that doesn’t.

Training a trusted staff member in Internet marketing is the best investment your company can make to insure that you have the tools necessary to compete in today’s high tech world. Find out now how the training of the future is just a phone call away.

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Copywriting and Writing For The Web

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Writing for websites, online articles and sales copy is far different than writing for magazines and newspapers.The web is a place where people surf fast for information and make decisions quicker than when they leisurely read print. Web copy is a visual medium, consisting of various colors and font sizes. The nature of computer screens and how our eyes adjust to them have dictated how we write words for websites. Over the course of the short life of the Internet, marketers, designers and writers have experimented with how to make web copy more “readable.” And what they have come up with is a science unto itself.

Along with readability, what we are also doing with web writing is trying to get readers to “click” out on links. The best web copy is usually trying to compel readers to visit another website or get them to buy something. Marketers have experimented with this as well. Web copy should be written to persuade your reader to take action through a psychological process. All of these things can be learned effectively and practiced to perfection.

Who do you trust to teach you this knowledge? The Internet Marketing Training Center has the expert staff that have been writing copy for years. Now they are bringing that knowledge to you. This is the kind of high level training that businesses are looking for or that you can use yourself to write for your own web business.

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Video Marketing – What is it?

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Video marketing consists of posting your videos to sites so people can watch and comment on them. Sites like Facebook, Youtube, Metacafe, Myspace, and many others accept videos. Videos get people to comment and share with their friends, just like they do with comments to posts. All of this sharing and commenting can build connections that in turn will get you customers. Video is a powerhouse when it comes to media marketing.

It contains all the other elements listed above: text, audio, images, and graphics. That makes it very powerful. Also, a lot of people don’t have the skills to create video on their own. This means that there aren’t as many videos on a subject compared to an article on the same subject.

That gives video more value. However, videos are harder to make search engine friendly. Articles are still the easiest for Google to find. But there’s good indication that video may or may not over take articles in the eyes of Google and other search engines in the near future, so getting on the video bandwagon now could be a huge benefit to your career.

With a little training, you could increase your value to a company and increase what you earn. It’s time you took your career to the next level of professionalism. If you are ready to do that, here is the place to start.

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I’ll bet by now there isn’t anyone on Earth that hasn’t seen a Youtube video.

People watch over 2 billion videos a day on Youtube and every minute over 24 hours of footage is uploaded. Not only is Youtube a fun place to just hang out and watch your favorite vids, it’s a great place to learn stuff. If I want to learn to run a certain software program or even how to repair my car, I search Youtube for the answers. It’s much easier to watch a video than to try and follow along in some document. The people who submit videos to Youtube come from all walks of life and varied age groups including 10 year old kids submitting skateboarding tricks to serious college students making independent films. But one group of video makers are growing faster than all of the rest…. companies.

From Target to Apple to BlendTec, companies large and small are using videos to market their products and services. Videos can create a brand name, answer customer service issues, advertise specials and just plain entertain the millions of people a day watching on Youtube. Video marketing has become one of the most cutting edge and powerful tools in a company’s strategy to advertise themselves and they pay good money to make and market these videos. This opens up a huge opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of a new career field.

If this interests you, you have the whole world in front of you. And a distance learning education school such as IMTC can be the ticket to your new career. We cover all of the practical nuts-and-bolts training for things like video marketing, social media, search engine optimization and tons more. Work for yourself or work for a big company… the choice is yours, but call us to find out just how easy it is to start!

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In these tough economic times a single income family has become nothing more than a historical landmark on the landscape of new the millennium.

In 2010 the modern family not only needs, but most require two incomes to make ends meet these days. That can be a tall order for a stay at home mom with one child on her hip and the other learning to walk. A home based business can often bridge the gap between sinking and staying afloat for most moms and even dads looking to add to their current income. Home-based businesses are now synonymous with Internet marketing. With as little 10 to 20 hours a week many have found the answer to add extra dollars to their bank account that balances the household budget.

But before you start fantasizing about the product you will sell and the millions you will make, training is the first investment that should come to mind. The one thing that I have learned working for the Internet Marketing Training Center is that the best concept and or product falls short of your expectations if you can’t compete on the internet.

To be competitive on the Internet and get your product in front of the people who will buy it, you must first learn the basics and even the advanced tips, tricks and methods to sell to your customers. SEO, social media, Google rankings, blogging, e-commerce and digital product development are just a few of the topics you will need to be familiar with before you can expect to be successful. So consider a home-based business if you are looking to balance the household budget, or if you thinking bigger why not become an Internet millionaire?

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Marc – the Video Guy – wanted to show you around the school. The building is ready for students and we are almost there as well. Although the school looks empty now, it’s not going to stay that way for long. Be sure to check out what the Internet Marketing Training Center is all about. Take advantage of this great resource and direct your career where you want it to go.

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